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What font design software?Font design software recommended | CorelDRAW Chinese website



  With the development of the times, people''s aesthetic requirements and continuously improve things in graphic design, we must fully understand the importance of font design, graphic design to enhance the overall effect of the font design.Good fonts designed to become the visual highlights in graphic design, better grab people''s attention, to achieve a good design effect.

  The most commonly used font design software PS, Font, AI, Type light there CorelDRAW.PS is a bitmap graphics design software, and AI and CorelDRAW are vector graphics design software, font design is very appropriate, small footprint, and does not lead to magnify the image distortion.This article will recommend several models easy to use font design software CorelDRAW, PS, AI to tell you there.

  1. CorelDRAW

  CorelDRAW referred to CDR, is a professional graphic design software, focused on vector graphics editing and layout, font design is one of its own feature-rich.

  QQ截图20191018123507Figure 1: The top design font styleQQ截图20191018125836Figure 2: The effect of the CDR font design

  CorelDRAW2019 tools, commonly used to design fonts have ① text tools, text editor.② converted to curves, you can freely edit the font style ③ gradient, to give rich font color changes ④ effect, various effects can make colorful font style.As FIG embossed effect on the use, becomes three-dimensional font so.In addition to relief effect, there are many other effects can be selected.For example, three-dimensional rotation, artistic strokes, twisting, etc., different font effect to the changes brought about are not the same.

  In addition to these tools, there are many other tools used to design fonts, I will not enumerate here.For the convenience of design needs, the software also provides a set of precise positioning and pattern Deformations.This brings great convenience to the exact size of the required design trademarks, logos, etc..

  2. PS

  PS stands for Photoshop.The main processing digital image composed of pixels.Photoshop expertise lies in image processing, graphics production instead, it focuses on the image of the treatment process.

  Figure 3: ps font design

  In ps, the font design features mainly in graphics.Corresponding to the font as graphics, and its design, as shown in FIG..

  Of course, where ps can also create a work path to the font, similar in cdr into a curve, then the font will be freely edited.Want to create your own style by point adjustment path.

  But after all ps bitmap design software, after the good typography, is not hugely magnified, or will jagged, blurred.And this pixel block as the basic element of the operating software, the file will be larger.

  3. AI

  AI stands for Adobe illustrator, it is a kind used in publishing, multimedia and online industry standard vector image illustration software.Characterized in that the maximum of the pen tool, a so-called pen tool method, this software is in the "pen tool" set "anchor" and "direction line" to achieve.

  It is a professional graphic design tools, provides a wealth of features as well as smooth and flexible pixel drawing vector graphics editing capabilities to create a good design workflow.

  FIG 4: AI Interface Design

  Characterized in that a maximum Adobe Illustrator Bezier curve, so that a powerful vector drawing becomes simple.It also integrates word processing, color and other functions, not only in the production of illustrations, is also widely used in printing products (such as flyers, brochures) design aspects.

  Here, three font design software introduction is over, they all have their own characteristics, designed font is diverse.If you want to graphic design, then so what?Go try it.

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