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What file is the CDR, CDR file open what?| CorelDRAW Chinese website



  It may be exposed to this format cdr file but will be very strange, even some of the more familiar to computer users also may not know how to open.In fact, we do not understand it is not surprising to cdr file, after all, they were not used to, general system comes with the program is no way to open.Today, small series to give us a good description of this file format, and tell you how to open this kind of file.

  basic introduction

  .graphic design software CorelDraw cdr source file save format.It is a vector file, the same file can be used cdr CorelDraw software to open.This provides a graphical tool for designers vector animation, page design, website design, web animation and bitmap editor and other functions, is a major drawing for designers and print output personnel vector graphics design and publishing software.


  CorelDraw cdr format belong to private file storage format, which itself is a natural CorelDRAW software can open cdr file is available for browsing, file cdr source files can be used in a way CorelDraw application, editing, image editing software can not open other such file.Therefore, in order to open the file after the graphics need to download and install a software CorelDraw.Download link http: // / xiazai.html file open cdr format when the proposed use of a relatively high bit version.


  If you have a simple view and print CDR files, you can select AI, PSD, CDR, EPS format thumbnail preview plug-in, or AI, EPS, CDR format preview tool, ST Thumbnails Explorer Chinese Version.

  More details about CorelDRAW, click CorelDRAW tutorial center to find the information you need.

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