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Teach you add objects in CorelDRAW layers | CorelDRAW Chinese website



  Adding objects in layers is to add all the objects are drawn in the same level.Layer provides organizing and editing complex graphics objects greater flexibility, a drawing can be divided into a plurality of layers, each comprising a portion of each drawing contents.This article will teach you how to add an object in CorelDRAW layers.

  To add objects to the specified layer, first make sure the layer is in an unlocked state.If the layer is locked, you can click the layer in front of the name of "object manager" docker图层功能Icon, unlock.Then click on the layer name, the layer is called the select state.


  After the selected layer, then you can draw graphics you want at this time drawn graphics, import or paste objects will be placed in that layer.


  To add objects on other layers, empathy, click to select the other layers, began to draw graphics.


  Click on CorelDRAW software can obtain CDR download.

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