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Some common problems CorelDRAW solving skills | CorelDRAW Chinese website



  This article is to collect and sort out some of the problems associated solutions CorelDRAW frequently encountered, that you want to be able to share to help you.

  First, install the text

  Step: "Open Control Panel - Appearance and Personalization - font" you can add, change and manage fonts on the computer.Locate the folder put fonts in the dialog window, and then select the font you want to install to determine the line.Downloading a lot of fonts can not be used, problems such as missing fonts appears, it is recommended to use Founder fonts.


  Two, CorelDRAW appear baffling problem

  First try to restore the default value of CDR.Holding down the F8 hold, double-click the icon on the desktop CorelDRAW, asks if you want to restore to the initial value, to determine the point (this method to solve the various problems toolbars, property bar missing or displaced Universal).

  Third, usage and version compatibility issues

  High version of the open issues CDR 9, in fact, CDR high version can open a low version of the content, but CDR 9 exception, as we all now use the CDR 9 Chinese, are domestic someone to change the kernel, the history of Corel Corporation did not CDR 9 issue of Chinese had so changed the kernel file CDR 9, resulting CDR 9 is not compatible with other versions, patches and plug-ins can be used to implement CDR 9 generate standard.CDR file, but even so, sometimes garbled text will.

  So CDR 9 is no Chinese version, we often say that will lead to incompatible versions, the English version is not entirely on this issue.So do the various versions of files are not open to each other, to solve this problem in two ways:

  A: Save As with the original version of a file is opened 8.0 format, and then open the other versions.

  B: specific download file converter.

  Fourth, the bitmap vector

  Briefly: the majority geometry to vector can be amplified unlimited times change pattern does not change color blur, commonly used in the pattern, logo, VI, text and other design software: CorelDRAW, Illustrator, FreeHand, Xara.

  Bitmap (also known as bitmap), is a myriad of color dots pattern, when you magnify and you''ll see a piece of color, will be distorted amplification.Commonly used in image processing, video rendering and other wedding, like common photo, scanning, digital photos and other commonly used tools: Photoshop, Painter, etc..

  Fifth, the bar code problem

  CDR 9.0 barcodes require custom installation, although there is also a post-installed in the Edit menu, but you can not use, you can directly call 12.9 need to open the program at the beginning of the barcode editing tools, edited EAN13 bit barcode (Chinese standard) (Another note: EAN13 only need to enter the previous 12 to the last one are automatic identification, behind a small box do not enter directly Next), then the routine proceeds to open the CDR can paste, such paste as to vector format can change the size and position of the barcode font to be selected from the edit menu: paste, select metafile format, and then is pasted vector.Note, however, if it is done printing, bar code is now four-color, and to change it to k100.

  VI, on the Mac version

  CDR on the Mac, a lot of people complain about the poor performance of CDR on a Mac, in fact, this is no way that, CDR simply for the PC developed on the Mac, corel company has abandoned CDR12.

  For more detailed information about CorelDRAW vector graphics drawing software, click on CorelDRAW tutorial center to find the information you need.

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