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Smart Stroke adjustment by natural sketching | CorelDRAW Chinese website



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  LiveSketch tool is new in the 2017 version of CorelDRAW, LiveSketch tool for quick sketches and drawings that can help you accelerate your workflow and enable you to focus on creating processes.The tool does not pre-populate the nodes and handle, without the need to switch back and forth between the tools that enable you to give full play to creativity, quickly and efficiently achieve the desired results.You no longer have to scan your sketch and describe the.You can draw up design concepts and ideas at the beginning of the curve by vector.

  Whether you have mastered the skill excellent sketching, sketching or just beginning to learn, CorelDRAW can adjust your strokes and their own ideas will help you quickly reflected in the works.

  LiveSketch 工具

  CorelDRAW supports the most common drawing style: discrete strokes overlap, the overlapping strokes (back and forth on the surface of the graffiti, so that the lines overlap each other), graffiti (shown in rapid succession a plurality of short, long, and it constitutes a large form).

  , The front and rear (upper) and adjustment (downward) adjustment of the stroke as shown below: discrete overlapping strokes (left), the overlapping stroke (middle) and graffiti (right).

  LiveSketch 工具

  To take full advantage LiveSketch tool, use the stylus and customize CorelDRAW, adapt your style sketch.

  You can specify how long to activate the stroke adjustment after you draw one or more strokes.For example, if you set the timer to one second and draw several strokes, the strokes enhancements will take effect after the completion of your draw one second stroke.Timer creates a temporary window in the window, you draw a discrete strokes will be analyzed and converted to curves.Please experience the timer, to find suitable for your sketching speed and style settings.Set a short delay time in order to create and develop sketch curve immediately rhythm.You can also increase the delay time is 5 seconds, so that you can understand the advantages of using real-time preview of your input strokes and build a sketch on this basis.

  As shown below, if the timer is set to 0 millisecond (the left side), the successive strokes are converted into the dispersion curve.If the timer is set to 1 millisecond (right), the successive strokes are connected to a single curve..

  LiveSketch 工具

  Before the specified time, you can reset timer and adjust the stroke.You can also delete it before the stroke is adjusted.

  The creative process, you may want to re-draw the existing lines, to change its position and shape, or simply optimize.By CorelDRAW, you can curve as a newly input stroke prior to your comprising sketch thereby modify.You can specify the curve before drawing around the editable region widths.When sketching in the region, will existing curves and other input strokes a processing and re-adjust; if you exceed a specified distance, your input will be added to the new object strokes.

  As shown below, the conventional stroke (left); create a new stroke (blue) (intermediate) in the vicinity of the existing strokes; prior strokes to be extended and readjustment (right).

  LiveSketch 工具

  When you move the pointer within the editable region existing curve, this curve will be highlighted to show that you can edit.

  LiveSketch 工具

  If you need to sketch in a position very close to existing lines or brush strokes used repeatedly in the same location to be strengthened, you can temporarily or permanently disabling stroke adjustment based on proximity, to add strokes as separate objects.

  Disable proximity packet based stroke, whereby the stroke as separate objects.

  LiveSketch 工具

  After the existing curve included sketch resulting curve will inherit the attributes of an existing curve.

  As shown below, a graph (left) created by the pen tool arts; the (intermediate) LiveSketch new stroke drawn through the tool in the proximity threshold of conventional stroke; strokes generated curve existing inherited property (right side).

  LiveSketch 工具

  Sometimes you may need to define the entire scope of a shape or object through a single plot.However, it is difficult for a long time to press the stylus on the tablet or hold the mouse button down to draw long lines or draw a smooth line along the long smooth curve.By CorelDRAW, you can draw a stroke within a specified time interval, and then create a seamless curve based on the strokes, so as to draw a continuous line.

  The connecting by way of example in FIG strokes into a single curve objects created.

  LiveSketch 工具

  Please note, CorelDRAW only handle the specified input stroke within a time delay, so you have to adjust your timer sketching speed.

  As more and more sketches molding, you start to improve the accuracy and appearance of the lines, and you need to erase existing curve or part of the curve.You just flip the stylus can easily switch to erase mode, flip the stylus again to switch back to sketching mode.

  By default, CorelDRAW displays a diagram showing the adjusted stroke when you paint.If you feel the real-time preview let you distracted, you can hide it.

  In the preview mode, CorelDRAW delay time in the past are displayed, and an input stroke (blue) to be treated before being adjusted stroke (black).

  LiveSketch 工具

  You can control the amount of smoothing applied to curves.

  More CorelDRAW CDR Chinese graphic tutorials can consult the official website for help on the use, in the design inspiration.

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