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Simple graphics processing using the CorelDRAW 2019 | CorelDRAW Chinese website



  We are new software, we need to learn basic, only to master the basic operating support will provide the basis for our subsequent operations.So today small course on the use of CorelDRAW 2019 for win software to show you a simple vector graphics processing.

  First, open the software, graphing

  1, select the operating interface

  Open our CorelDRAW 2019 software, on the Welcome screen you can select the workspace interface they need to open it, where I chose the "new document" option.

  Figure 1: CorelDRAW2019 software welcome screen

  2, vector graphics selection

  After the document is opened we will find ourselves in the middle of the screen a window will appear white, we call it the drawing page, here is our regional processing a simple vector graphics.This time we can choose our our drawing tools in the toolbox in the left side, there are a variety of pattern shapes of oval, rectangular, five-pointed star-shaped, etc., small rectangular pattern selected here is.

  Figure 2: Vector Graphics Drawing

  Second, adjusting the vector graphics

  After selecting the graphics that we can hold down the left mouse button to draw graphics in place of the drawing interface.If you do not want to draw this graph, you can also side of the title bar of the "Edit" button, select "Undo" option in CorelDRAW 2019 to remove the graphics software.

  But sometimes may find the graphic location inappropriate, you can click to select the graphics move the mouse to the middle of the graph, you will find the icon has changed, this time you can move the graphic to any position you want the.

  Third, the simple processing vector graphics

  1, fill color vector graphics

  After selecting the location of a good graphics, CorelDRAW 2019 software as well as adding color graphics capabilities.There is a palette on the right software, color types, you can also add your custom colors, so you can choose the color you want on it.We also note that, when we fill our left-click is the internal color graphics, when you click the right is to draw the outline color graphics.

  Figure 3: color pattern is added

  2, vector graphics design

  After setting the graphics in the color, we can begin to try to design the graphical style, and here small focus you on how to use the copy and rotate simple means to design a simple pattern.

  If we need to rotate the image, you can click after click again to select the graphic graphics, you will find the sign next to the graphic changes, then you can click on the graphic symbol around the picture rotation and deformed, very convenient.

  If we need to copy the graph, we can use shortcut keys "ctrl + v" copy, "ctrl + c" Paste Picture.We also can "copy" the right to select the selected graphic, then right again to select "Paste" in the right place.Both methods are methods we used to copy graphics.

  Figure 4: The pattern is rotated, copied

  Fourth, save vector graphics

  In this step we can click on the "Save" button to save our graphic.

  Figure 5: CorelDRAW 2019 save graphics software

  Operating procedure demonstration here to use CorelDRAW 2019 software for simple vector graphics processing is over, after reading it is not that simple, then quickly download CorelDRAW software they started operating it, a simple operation but also to practice more before Okay.

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