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Several usage and skills in the CDR knife tool | CorelDRAW Chinese website



  CorelDRAW, referred to as CDR, is a professional vector graphics rendering software, whether in school or out of training institutions, one CDR is a designer needs to master the tools, a variety of design programs and projects in You can see its shadow.

  In the CDR, the knife tool is a very good tool.But for the novice may not know how how what is graver tools, and tools graver.Today we have to CorelDRAW X8 as an example, look at using the CDR tool knife methods and techniques together.

  cdr burin tool picture is not applied, only the role of vector graphics, such as lines, rectangles, or other vector graphics

  1.Double-click the desktop icon cdr software, open cdr, New Document.

  figure 1.New Blank Document

  2.Then click on the left side of the rectangle tool in the toolbox (shortcut key F6), draw a rectangle in the document.

  选用菜单栏矩形工具figure 2.Selection menu bar rectangle tool, draw a rectangle

  3.Then locate the toolbox from the left side of the knife tool knife tool is hidden in the cutting tool, the cutting tool mouse click the bottom right corner of the small black triangle, you will see the knife tool, then click the knife tool.

  刻刀工具image 3.Knife tool

  4.If the object to be split along a straight line, the line 2:00 click mode button on the property bar, and drag the mouse to split objects

  2点线模式Figure 4.2:00 wire mode

  5.If you want to split along the line of hand-painted objects, click the freehand line mode button on the property bar, and drag the mouse across the objects.

  手绘线模式Figure 5.Hand-painted wire mode

  6.If you want to split along the line of Bezier objects, Purcell line mode button click on the property bar, and click to place the first node, and then drag it to the control handle to place the next node, and click the mouse.Continue clicking to add additional lines to the straight segment.To add a curve segment, points to the node to place, and then drag to the shape of the curve.

  Image 6.Curves tool.

  That is all I today to share with you how to use the knife tool in CorelDRAW, in fact, greater use will find that is very simple, how much your hands several times, will master the more skilled oh!

  Author: Yaru child

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