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Setting 2D code error correction level in the CDR | CorelDRAW Chinese website



  CorelDRAW allows users to insert contains an embedded information (such as a Web address, email address, phone number, SMS, location or plain text) QR code.Also visual effects, logo or text can be added to the QR code to their increased sense of art, but may be considered an error scanner.Error correction settings can be used to reduce the possibility of error when scanning a large degree the QR code.For example, if the portion of the pixel pattern is text or graphics coverage, then the error correction data reproduced partially hidden, so that the data can be recovered.It provides four levels of error correction.


  Set the error correction level?

  1, double the QR code inserted

  2, in the "Object Properties" docker, clicking the arrow button at the bottom of the QR code portionCDR插入二维码To expand it, and then select an option from the list box level error correction.


  Error correction level designated QR codes used if you lose, the percentage can be restored.

  Select a fill type from the type list box filled pixels, then filled with a color picker to select from the pixel fill.

  ? Low - 7% recovery of information

  ? - the restoration of 15% of the information

  ? Quartile - 25% recovery of information

  ? High - 30% recovery of information

  Tip: The higher the correction level, the higher the percentage reproduce information, which may limit the amount of information the new QR code that can be stored.For about to close before applying high error correction or information already contains a large number of QR codes, which may cause problems.In this case, you will be prompted to correct lower level or reduce the amount of data that QR codes.

  More details about CorelDRAW CorelDRAW may refer to the official website.

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