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See CorelDraw is how the paragraph text converted into curves



  This problem mainly for CorelDraw9 version in terms of, CorelDraw11 after having convenient shortcut keys can be used, the basic problem does not exist.

  Method One: CorelDraw10 previous versions can use the filter to solve the frozen.Videos paragraph text on a black rectangle, open filters - --100% transparency, and check the freezing surface is removed, can be applied, then the text layer behind definite displacement, leaving the curve is.

  Method Two: The above methods for the paragraph with a superscript or subscript text may be wrong, such as superscript, subscript, etc. becomes smaller.In contrast, with "output WMF file" transfer curve This method is more Insurance.

  Click the menu "File - output to WMF or AI format", then create a blank document, import the WMF file, the format is the whole curve.

  Method three: CorelDraw11 later versions can be transferred directly curve Cbrl + Q.

  Tip: To get the printed output or open the same files on other computers, then, the text must be transferred curve, or otherwise not see the text, or is a pile of garbage.

  Also note that the text-to save the song, the text can no longer be edited, so there is usually text after many newcomers ask convolution is there a way to re-edit ah, it is impossible to tell you, although you can use as a kind of OCR character recognition software, but time-consuming effort, undesirable.The best way is to keep a good habit, homework time save two file types: a text-based, a curved, for later use.Or simply make a copy on the edge of a page of text to music in the previous paragraph, if you want to change, to take over changing for the better, copy convolutions also more convenient than OCR.

  Of course, the popularity of mobile hard disk, you can also use the File menu in the output of the previous package ready to operate with all fonts even files, can save a lot of time and effort.Or PDF output also eliminates the trouble (next page article detailed).

  Here we introduce a number of other methods of online collection.

  method one:

  (1) Select the transfer curve paragraph text, color may be.

  (2) selection menu - Output file type selection EPS.

  (3) Re-enter the EPS file (file type PS of subtitle prn)

  Method Two:

  (1) Select the paragraph text to turn the curve

  (2) select the text you want to export text tool (which can output text you want with your own)

  (3) output into any of the following formats: ai, wmf, etc..(AI good color, no color cast)

  File (4) re-export just output.

  Tip: When text output curve, on the left side of the rectangle tool, double-click the toolbar, the page will automatically survive with the same page size rectangle.The output of this rectangle along the curve paragraph text format, then when the input file is selected only directly, press enter key page automatically aligned.After another rectangle can be deleted.

  Method three: Print to PS file using text-to-achieve song

  (1) Select a paragraph of text to turn the curve

  (2) Select the print (select stand-alone printer PostScript file)

  (3) Select the print range, "select area"

  (4) the current selection will dot printing i.e. printing the paragraph text file into the PS, PS and re-enter this file to.

  Method 4: Use convolution filters to freeze the text-to-song manner

  (1) Press Alt + F3 to open the "Filter docker"

  (2) drawing a paragraph text box slightly larger than the rectangle with the rectangle tool, and filled with the same color with the text.

  (3) Select the rectangle, filter effects, select "transparency"

  (4) ratio of 100% is selected, check the option to freeze and remove the surface, according to the application.

  (5) A song text will automatically cover the above paragraph text box.

  This text style convolution produces a colorless rectangular manually delete; paragraph text box if the back surface background, the effect of the filter will be in the background; if CMYK color mode, the filter effect in It will produce CMYK color; if CMYK bitmap, the filter effect will become bitmap in RGB mode; if it is black and white artwork, you can use convolution release PDF way, color draft did not try, worry color distortion.

  Method five: Text-to-implement method pdf issued by song

  (1) Select menu "File -PDF issue".

  (2) select a setting, select the object in the "output file for the entire curve" and press OK to save.

  (3) In fact, in Coreldraw9, the text output PDF are automatically transferred song, English words are not, if you want English words can be turned song, you need to check the output of all the above text is a curve options

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