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Renovation plan with Coreldraw production of indoor color



  In this article we refer to the existing interior design CAD software structure diagram with Coreldraw, draw a colored interior decoration plan.

  First look at the CAD floorplan.


  1, open Coreldraw software, double-click in the drawing window, the Options pop-up window, provided the overall scale, is a plan view of 1:80.Figure.


  2, with the rectangle tool to draw a shape as shown in FIG..Note that in the drawing process in view of fast access key scaling is: F2 of enlarged; F3 reduction; fullscreen the F4; maximum display F9.


  Chromatography 3, unfinished rear side wall, and to their fill color, click in FIG indicated in block, with the belt system.However, the standard method is below the rectangular box points indicated in FIG., The upper internal coloring, the color of the border following.


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