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Photoshop painting technique of co-operation with CoreIDRAW



  The following pictures shear effect is already apparent, so that everyone focuses on skilled toolbar] to complete this work is a little three-dimensional renderings:


  Able to complete the job, then I basically achieve their goals, Oh I do not understand can ask ~!

  [I hope we can make this effect is shown in the following, I will publish tutorials eleven out] [No person shall publish, publish, imitating following tutorial profit, Dragon studio because they have the best track right to sue]

  Bug Me Not Tutorial:

  1. Background Draw

  Light blue fill in the background region, and then use the tool to draw a square line placed below the square in front lawn.The main use of tools for their adjustment path.Elliptical tool then draw a circle in three or four side by side, and then use them in conjunction with coloring welding tool, and then pulled using a shadow drag tools, the debugger can themselves slowly, shaded slightly more blue than the background color.Then copy a graphic, if invalid graphic posting occurs, you can use the pop-up right to the front or the front of the order, you can click on the graphic to the front.Then plotted on a similar rectangle on the right side, mainly drawn worm tree, add hatched portion, as shown in FIG effect, or nearly black gradient tool 2 can achieve the same effects.

  Second draw leaves of the tree, or a tool path using the tool to drag out the square square adjust the effect of FIG. 5, ctrl + c in the system, which results in sequence, then the trunk is drawn, very simple.The group then copy the original picture upside down on top of the can.Figure I


  Figure II


  Figure III


  Figure IV


  Figure V


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