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Method to reconcile the tools of CorelDRAW | CorelDRAW Chinese website



  Now we use CorelDRAW when there will be many cases to use a variety of tools, if used properly, it will have a very cool effect.Blend Tool is one of the essential.So what is it Blend Tool?Use it will have what effect it?Let me introduce to you about the method of using CorelDRAW reconcile the tool bar.

  Figure 1: Draw two pentagonal indicated above

  The first step, open the CorelDRAW software, create a new file.Click on the left toolbar, select the polygon, then click the left mouse button, and pressing the Ctrl key and draw a regular pentagon.Then draw a smaller regular pentagon in the same way.And the two graphs together.

  Figure 2: tool to find harmony

  The second step, to reconcile the tool in the toolbar on the left CorelDRAW software, click on the toolbar, the options shown in the figure appears, then select the Blend Tool, which is circled on the map "hybrid".

  Figure 3: complete reconcile

  A third step wherein the first select pentagonal 1.1, and then drag it to another at a point corresponding pentagonal, and then reconcile the results shown in FIG appears.

  Figure 4: changing the pattern shape and pattern

  The fourth step, in the case where the mouse is not selected anything directly select the middle small regular pentagon with the mouse, then click the plus sign pentagons middle, so that it becomes as shown in the middle round.Click on the map is then curved arrows appearing so that it can be rotated in an arbitrary direction pentagon.

  Figure 5: changing the number of steps

  The fifth step, when you want to change the two graphics intensive degree of filling, click on the button circled on the map, it will change the number of steps in the reconciliation, make your graphics look more intensive reconcile.

  Figure 6: Replace the picture outline color

  The sixth step, find the CorelDRAW software palette, right click and select set an outline color or fill color settings, then click on, it will change the color of its outline.

  Figure 7: the pictures have to reconcile gradient

  The seventh step, click on the graphic to reconcile, the property bar buttons shown in the circle will appear.Click the above button clockwise or counterclockwise button will reconcile the graphics are not the same color change.When you reconcile outline color graphics is black when the button in the properties bar is not usable.

  CorelDRAW reconcile the use of tools to introduce it here, is not the use of CorelDRAW feel more confident of it, it would go the official website to download it!

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