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Master CDR types of nodes, edit the shape more easily | CorelDRAW Chinese website



  When to shape curve objects in the CDR, we will choose to use the shape tool, the shape of the tool will show you draw or edit nodes, icons and preview function.So for a node can be divided into: cusp, smooth and symmetrical.These three switching node can be changed at any time according to need, the behavior of each node of the control handle different types of.

  Cusp node

  It is used to create a sharp transition points in the curve object, such as sharp corners or.The control handle can be moved independently of each other node in the cusp, and only change the line end node.

  Smooth node

  Through the node lines followed the shape of the curve to produce a smooth transition between the line segment.Smoothing node control handle always opposite to each other, but they may be different distances from the nodes.

  Symmetric node

  Similar to a smooth node.Creating a smooth transition line segment between them, but both ends of the line of nodes present the same appearance of the curve.The control handle is symmetrical node opposite to each other, and equal to the distance between nodes.

  CDR节点类型Each node types are displayed in different shapes - circular smooth node, the node cusp square, rhombic symmetry node

  In use cusps, smooth or symmetrical curve object Zaoxing node when the first to use the "shape tool" and click a node activation, we can see in the property column of the three types of nodes.


  Drag node control handle adjustable object shape.


  You can also use keyboard shortcuts to change the existing node types.To change a smooth node to a cusp node, or change cusp node to a smooth node, click the node using the Shape tool, and then press the C key.To change the node symmetric smooth node, or change smoothing the nodes symmetrical node, using the shape of the tool, click on the node and press S.

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