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[Business Bao Long] VIP Membership SMS system



  Xiamen Yonghua Kolon combined with market demand and the company now has some member functions, text messaging resources, and the safety of members of the customer more and more attention, are increasingly high requirements of the objective situation, but also to avoid some customers via the Internet download third-party platform to send text messages lead to membership information was leaked, Xiamen Yonghua Kolon developed a special integration "," business Long Bao "Member SMS" software.

  Software Features described as follows:

  A, VIP membership information management features:

  1, VIP customer management basic information, such as: name, permanent residence, work, occupation, etc.

  2, date of birth

  3, VIP customer preference surveys, etc.

  Second, the members sending text messages:

  1, for the groups: (numbers into the system by way of import of unrecorded) VIP members, employees and other individuals, etc.

  2, sending the contents:

  (1) For VIP clients:


  Holiday season

  Promotions notice

  Points notice

  Notify the cards

  Consumer notice

  Back points notification

  SMS content and other editors of their own;

  (2) For employees:


  Holiday season

  Promotions notice

  Other work notice;

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