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[Business Bao Long] Food City Management System



  Business Bao Long?Food City management system fast and intuitive on operating practices; to support both hardware suitable for touch screen can also be an ordinary computer or specialized programmable keyboard; for the Founding of unpaid debts on the business model, fast food, food court-style stalls, etc. sales model.Similar software release notes address common computer software systems offer the official version 1.0 View the official version of the new business alliance 1.4 PC version View Bo sales Warehouse Management System 1.82 network cloud version to see a lot of fight 5.26.0 PC Edition Go Blue Point Universal Management download the latest version of Check 25

  According to operation of the network is divided into different environments: stand-alone and network (chain) version

  ■ software system is suitable for the type of business

  ● rent for stalls, stalls cost management, standardized management of large chain Food City

  ■ Software Features described as follows:

  ⑴ book

  ● support a variety of individual, party, dinner scheduled management, and can be directly converted to a predetermined Founding;

  ● front interface table state here: to occupy each of the table, idle, reservations and other states with different colors to distinguish at a glance.

  ⑵ Cashier

  ● cash register interface is simple and clear, all major functions are to use shortcut keys;

  ● daily business operations, including a la carte, food to eat, back dishes, waste a single (available in restricted);

  ● Support for multiple Founding, turntable, and Taiwan, the number of tables table settings, service fees and minimum spending limit;

  ● temporary price support dishes, individual and subtotal discounts, specials, giveaways, rounded to the mantissa, a small ticket print preview and other functions;

  ● support for a la carte ordering a la carte ways with a variety of quick coding, bar codes, names and other mobile technology also supports a la carte treasure;

  ● Support for cash, VIP cards, foreign currency, vouchers, credit cards and other internal consumption of payment;

  ● Support manually input a single number of functions: the characteristics of the traditional manual single point, so that the computer account with a single hand-check each other, to avoid missing a single, a single run.Meanwhile background can be a variety of hand-query by a single number automatic sorting function.

  ⑶ dishes management

  ● dishes information classified by category, classification cuisine, main dish, side dish, packages, and medium and small parts of the formulation to filing each dish;

  ⑷VIP card and voucher management

  ● clarity on consumer spending: Support for discount cards, membership cards, loyalty cards, stored value cards; various cards can not accumulate points, back points, Delta cards, balance inquiries and consumer details.

  ● support a variety of card security management: a refund, the refund, loss reporting and other management functions;

  ● Support for anonymous bearer vouchers and vouchers as well as sales and use of roots trace query;

  ⑸ Inventory Management

  ● restaurant smoke, drinks, beverages and storage of materials inventory management;

  ● commodity materials procurement warehousing, outbound sales, returns, picking and other management departments; at the same time refer to the current cost of all materials requisitioned to sales ratio to measure the current issue of materials requisitioned is reasonable;

  ● inventory, profit and loss adjustment.

  ⑹ tastes Management

  According to customer tastes: selecting a particular approach each dish (e.g., sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, fry, fried, boiled, fried);

  ⑺ report query

  ● sales details, sales charts, sales of the same period of comparison, the performance of a la carte;

  ● cashier reports, cash register reports, itemized account statements from time to time, so that managers be well informed on the cash register;

  ● Japanese business analysis, traffic analysis period, dishes analysis, analysis of stalls, stage time two-dimensional reports, inventory reports from time to time, single-product sales analysis, analysis stalls, margin analysis, promotions, giveaways statistics, etc., so management who for business at a glance.

  ● report query support a variety of ways such as: handmade by a single query, the query according to the table number, according to itemized account inquiry, and so on;

  ● different point of view of the turnover of each store;

  ● background support barcode printing price labels

  ⑻ kitchen Print

  ● support small kitchen ticket printing, and supports multiple kitchen printer;

  ● Support for automatic printing of single points to the various departments;

  ● display table number, name of the dish, quantity, taste the kitchen print a single;

  ● points table, turntable, and, automatic notification when printing food to eat in the kitchen all departments.

  ⑼ catering kitchen print stickers [with pearl milk tea and for take-away]

  ⑽ perfect rights management

  ● support staff privileges, especially the largest employee discount access control;

  ● Advanced permissions and rights can also be divided into general authority, different rights in different positions, each person using their authority to see different content, will help the company be more secure and careful management;

  ⑾ SMS function

  ● Promotional / special SMS

  ● birthday message

  ● holiday blessing SMS

  ● Work SMS notification

  ⑿ handheld la carte Manager

  ● handheld la carte, there are easy grade

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