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[Business Bao Long] chain of stores _ fine department stores management system (chain version, the network version)



  Business Bao Long?Chain store management system is in Xiamen Yonghua Kolon broad-based market research, combined with the company 10 years of industry experience in research and development from.Can fully meet the supermarkets, boutiques, department stores and a wide variety of industries, frequent replacement, complex management features.Functional and practical, simple and easy to use, and stable performance; while providing all aspects of decision-making reports for management, is seeking development of each is the best choice for small businesses.Similar software release notes address common computer software systems offer the official version 1.0 View the official version of the new business alliance 1.4 PC version View Bo sales Warehouse Management System 1.82 network cloud version to see a lot of fight 5.26.0 PC Edition Go Blue Point Universal Management download the latest version of Check 25

  ■ software system is suitable for the type of business

  ● supermarkets, boutiques, department stores, cosmetics stores industry;

  ● chain;

  ■ Software Features described as follows:

  First, commodity management

  ① distinguish between fresh goods, general merchandise, Libraries group and other management;

  ② support food control management, such as food purchase ledger, sales ledger food, merchandise expired early warning;

  ③ support promotional merchandise, price, special management, returns and procurement, warehousing management;

  Two, VIP card management, full-featured

  ① support membership cards, loyalty cards, can assist in the development of loyalty program, gift exchange;

  ② support discount cards, card enjoy different levels of different discount rates;

  ③ support stored value cards, balance is depleted can recharge, retreat card is used up, the loss can report the loss;

  ④ support limited time discount cards, discount cards and a limited period discount card;

  ⑤ deadline card, limited time to perform card-specific merchandise

  ⑥ generated secret vouchers, voucher sales and financial settlement functions;

  ⑦ consumption VIP membership queries, so that businesses keep abreast of consumption dynamics VIP;

  Third, chain management, unified and flexible (in chain version support)

  ① support the headquarters and branch allocation, also supports the allocation between branches and warehouses;

  ② a variety of price management, headquarters of a unified price, you can also perform different discount rates;

  ③ headquarters in real time to master the total warehouse, inventory and sales outlets, and reasonable arrangements for the store''s inventory, reasonable procurement of goods, delivery of goods were reasonable, timely adjustment of product structure;

  Fourth, intelligent decision-making system, the manager is a good helper

  ① may view product into the headquarters and branches, sale, transfer, storage conditions and details ranking;

  ② can view product categories, brands, suppliers and other import and sale, transfer, deposit the situation and ranking;

  ③ headquarters to view a variety of reports and store sales blotters, monitor store cash register to prevent leakages;

  ④ reasonable arrangements for the commodity structure of the store, employee scheduling

  ⑤ can view supplier, wholesale customers current account, the reasonable control of the use of funds

  ⑥ The system also provides a series of very fine to say let summary and detailed data management from all angles, all aspects of understanding business conditions, provide a basis for management decision-making;

  ⑦ by the query store time sales inquiries, customer statistics and singular customer a single amount, to keep abreast of consumer dynamics

  Fifth, rights management, clear and assured

  ① All operating system officer may grant different permissions to different positions, the operator only to ensure that each operable own right functional module;

  ② the whole system to record each operator''s operation logs, so well documented, to ensure safe and reliable system data, but also allow enterprises to ease

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