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[Business Bao Long] car management system



  With the popularity of cars, car has become an emerging industry, a growing number of automotive beauty living museum there, mainly to provide car washing, waxing, polishing, modification, maintenance, repair, and some insurance agents, sales of automotive products and accessories, there are some car beauty living museum even provide coffee and catering services.Xiamen Yonghua Kolon response characteristics of this industry, launched the "Business Long Bao" car management system.

  ■ Technical Features

  The use of advanced scientific software, hardware architecture and advanced software design methods; database management using Microsoft SQL7.0/2000/2005, the choice of operating system as an open platform: Windows2003 / XP, ensure full utilization of system resources, data security and reliable; system architecture using C / S (ie, client / server) structure, advanced, efficient and stable; the network based virtual network tunnel of broadband data transmission using a variety of ways Sybase data pipeline (fast, secure, HTTP), FTP, file copy, etc., to save operating costs, ensure data security

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  ■ Features

  First, the reception cashier

  1, simple, intuitive interface cash register, the cash register is simple, convenient and practical;

  2, can directly apply for membership open card, and recharge according to customer demand, purchase packages, credit card information and other inquiries;

  3, can control the discount rate, the discount, the amount of discounts and other privileges in accordance with the cash register positions;

  4, supports a variety of payment methods: cash, stored value card, UnionPay cards custom 10 kinds of payment;

  5, authorization control gifts, discounts, sales and other common cash register operations;

  6, may temporarily enter the license plate number, recording individual consumer information;

  7, services can specify a service technician, or a flexible combination of technician teamwork; technician can manage the performance;

  8, the printer supports a variety of peripherals (POS58,76MM dot matrix printer, EPSON LQ300k + printers, etc.)

  9, simple cash register input, support simple phonetic code, shop code, the international standard bar code;

  10, members can use the input membership card number, phone number, license plate number and other fuzzy input, to meet the needs of users without cards;

  11, package card users real-time query, print the current remaining number of packages and a variety of deadline for project.

  Second, the background headquarters management system

  1, management services such as car washing, waxing, polishing and other beauty items, but also can be different items, consisting of a variety of packages at different times, in the manner of sale of membership cards, such as the Gold Package 1000 yuan X times sent waxing the car wash Y inferior, package items can also be replaced, such as: 10 to change a car wash and waxing; can make up all kinds of cards, such as car wash on cards, season cards in card; various membership cards can also set a sales incentive.

  2, support for stored-value cards, loyalty cards, discount cards, card deadline, limited time cards; one card may also have stored value, discounts, points, deadline, time limit function; to avoid a phenomenon of multi-card;

  3, membership card customers can use points to redeem a specified commodity; merchandise information system can automatically prompt convertibility;

  4, flexible set membership card type, grade, and automatically upgraded membership levels based on points;

  5, can record detailed models VIP customer belongs, license plate number, insurance company, the insurance amount, insurance period and insurance runs in advance reminders; * and uses text messages to inform the client;

  6, can be customized for various types of card expiration reminder time; * and uses text messages to inform the client;

  7, * use access license plate, take the license plate of one-stop service VIP customers VIP: VIP customer telephone booking, contact the company clerk with the license plate car door access and VIP customers to take the same license plate number, and then drove back to the company Beauty (modification, maintenance, repair), beauty after informing the customer via SMS; take the customer with the license plate to pay, pick up the car.

  8, * protocol unit first post-consumer payments, credit management and has reminded the vehicle unit agreement for unified maintenance, reconciliation, guitar models; available at fixed unit reconciliation agreement, guitar models.

  9, the salesperson may Vending fixed incentives; by selling items pumped into the category proportions;

  10, Aftermarket accessories for import and sale, storage, inventory management, inventory set upper and lower limits, inquiry; inquiry purchase history;

  11, rich reporting query features, including: corporate sales reports, technicians, sales staff reports; running account sales, customer a single statistical number, VIP clients consumer inquiries, ranking, and so on;

  12, management may be chain: each branch can sell the same kinds of commodities, the same price; also be different in different merchandise shop operator to perform different

  Price; also each individual branch sales.

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