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ZmsSoft Construction Engineering Management System Certification



  Building construction permits are issued by the management software designed for the construction management department, which provides the following functions:

  1.Item Entry: You can enter the information in the certificate, the entry process also provides the option to apply for data selection and commonly used editing functions make it more convenient with the input function and a friendly window.

  2.Print documents: in the course of the project entry, you can print the certificate and query results.In order to meet the individual needs of the construction management department, staff can also adjust the print content according to their needs and location of the font to meet a variety of needs.

  3.File query, statistics: can query for files based on information input through the.Statistics can be based on the query, and the query results in a list of ways to print or export to EXCEL file for the report on the work of reporting and writing by.

  System Management: provides data backup, improved user management, expansion and data export functions of various options to improve safety and ease of use of the system.

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