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Zizhu phone download system



  Zizhu mobile phone to download the system description:

  1) The software pure green version, small size, no installation, powerful, include professional mobile downloads, MP3 arbitrarily cutting, MP3 any combination of the three functions.

  (2) exclusive MP3 cut any combination of features to meet the customer''s demand, the market is similar to other mobile phone download system unmatched.Software can cut any combination of the mp3, you record personalized DIY music perfect assistant

  (3) flexible billing: You can set by file size, format and unbundling, display detailed billing amount when the download is complete settlement

  (4) automatic identification technology catalog: When you insert U disk, click on the "Auto Detect directory" button, do not open U disk, the system will accurately determine MP3, movies, pictures and so many possible directory download directory.Such as downloading MP3, catalog different types of mobile phone use the "my music, MP3, My music, Audio, Sound" and so on up to a dozen directory, with this feature is not eleven open view of the judgment.

  (5) Search, download speed: Download inventory management system using multi-mode, search and download simultaneously, between independent download list and the list without disturbing each other.After you add the search results to the download list, a steady stream download.Download mp3, automatically download lyrics.

  (6) improved printing functions: The system supports various print modes, allowing you to make resource directory.

  (7) anti-virus, the immune system has a virus, the download process, to U disk virus in a dormant state, the virus away from trouble.

  (8) Hard Protection: The system uses a database retrieval, a read only file database in the search, and searches using the traditional search, for example, a document file 100 000 searches a file folder, average to calendar over 50,000 files on the hard disk workload is very heavy load, hard disk bound to fail in the long run.So the use of this system, not only can achieve the ultimate search, but also very effective in protecting our hard drives.

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