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Zimei construction site management system



  Zimei construction site management system is not just material management, which covers all aspects of site management, including staff management module, subcontract management module, project management module procurement, material management module, fixed asset management module, supplier management module and financial management module, construction log management module, employee attendance and payroll management module linked to refine the management of subcontractors and suppliers more effectively control the material out, suppliers and subcontractors, and employee management truly site logistics, capital flow and business flow of third-rate one.

  Zimei construction site management system Features

  First, the software background with the advent of the information age, information technology industries accelerating the process, some of the information technology industry to maturity, but throughout the construction industry, information technology started relatively late, information technology to promote slower.This is a cost management caused by various reasons, the project is a very broad coverage, business background deep mass work and in line with all aspects of the majority is not allowed to start positioning lead to failure.Plus the presence of a dispersion of (unlike other industry products, fixed production somewhere) project itself, it is difficult to get effective unified management.Zimei software studio since 2002 began to study information technology in the construction industry, and in-depth project site for a period of 2 years of research, drawing on the experience of similar software at home and abroad, introduction of DEMO version in 2005, a wide range of in each the type of projects the Ministry of field tests using, has been widely praised the project department of.Feedback and a lot of valuable suggestions and comments, which we constantly upgrading the software, the current construction site enterprise network management system has been upgraded to version 2009.12.01 version.

  Second, the construction industry in project management problems in a practical core construction business is to control the progress of project management, quality, cost.Three and influence each other and promote each other.For a long period of time, the progress of construction enterprises, attaches great importance to quality control but ignored for cost or no good means to control, resulting in generally low level of profit or even a loss situation, a "not urgent alive, there live more anxious "situation.

  Project cost control is not just the work of the financial sector, in order to control the costs will start from the related businesses: materials management, machinery management, labor management, subcontract management, demand suppliers; also pay attention to the fine as far as possible, not only through financial , materials, machinery, labor, subcontractors and other departments to understand the overall status of the project costs, but also to understand the detailed engineering cost position.In order to provide true and accurate data basis for cost control.

  Third, the system describes the construction site management system is based on cost management as the core, integrated, platform-based construction project management information system, build information management platform for the construction industry project management.It uses a combination of closed-loop control of human thought, running real-time dynamic monitoring of the project cost, in order to control project costs.Meanwhile construction site management system is not just materials management software, construction site management system mainly covers all aspects of site management, including materials management, staff management, subcontract management module, the module procurement plan management, fixed asset management module, independent supplier management module and financial management module, refining the management of subcontractors and suppliers more effectively control the material out, the site (project) cost control.Truly a site logistics, capital flow and business flow of third-rate one. The software for foundation engineering, civil engineering, installation, decoration works, steel works, roads and bridges and other engineering construction site of a comprehensive settlement of the case.Construction site management system is a construction site (project) comprehensive management solution to the problem close to the actual need, full-featured, intuitive interface, easy to operate . construction site management system is a multi-site management system can manage multiple sites simultaneously, each a site can conduct independent accounting.

  This system is a reference to the national "construction project management specification" standard, specifically tailored for our construction enterprise cost management as the core project management platform.Project cost management as the core, through all aspects of the management plan, contract, subcontract, labor, machinery, materials, suppliers, construction management, finance, etc., in order to achieve effective control of the project unit cost of construction enterprises.

  Zimei construction site management system software features

  And other project management software has the following advantages:

  (A), full-featured software,

  Construction site management system, not just material management.Materials management is a functional module of the software system, the system including: staff management, total subcontract management, project management, budget management, supplier management, supply and marketing contract management, mechanical equipment management, capacity management, financial management, comprehensive inquiry management , report management, site cost management, data management (log construction and visa), safety and quality management, audit management, information dissemination management modules, covering all aspects of the project site management.

  (Two), software architecture is simple and strong operability

  The system software architecture is very simple, the process at a glance.Flat menu.All documents are in line interface and format documents and reality.No strangeness first-time users, it is very easy to use.

  (C), the advantage of specific features

  1, the query terms

  (1) provides a rich query functionality entrance.You can easily query the required data at any one time.Such as: [query], the specific operation of documents in the [query], [Report].and many more

  (2) provides a rich feature comparison summary.As in the implementation of the procurement plan [query] real-time check the implementation of the procurement plan, the arrival of the situation, not the arrival of.[Query] provide comprehensive procurement plan Procurement plan to merge function, you can contract a project of all procurement plans to merge in a document for analysis.[Analysis] budget implementation can be achieved, the budget, actually, over budget, over budget rate were analyzed, enabling a single project cost statistics, cost analysis chart, each part (or progress) cost comparison table.Subtotals site material analysis [query] can realize the site, materials, a library, storage, refunding, transfer, etc..The cost of real-time query [site] can grasp the actual real-time dynamic cost sites, and the costs and budgets, such as material costs, machinery costs, labor costs, other direct and indirect costs, comparative analysis.Not only can compare the cost of site specific analysis can also be pooled analysis of budget costs and the cost of the entire project and the entire project is a comparative analysis.

  (3) the software of the data items and providing mutual target digest external interface to import and export data.Such as: software [budget], [plan], [] supply and procurement contracts can import each other.Software provides printing all documents and reports are exported to external support EXCEL, TXT file.Employee Information [] [] [material library information materials procurement budget plan] [] [] employee time and attendance information and so on and so on external support for importing data from Excel into a software system to greatly improve the efficiency of software entry.And providing a plurality of sub-sectors of the material library to facilitate the user into the system as needed.

  (4) provide a separate audit [center] buttons, each user''s own handling of the documents will appear in the center of the audit list, to facilitate users to quickly deal with the documents to be processed.Such as: the need to review the documents, audit documents do not pass.Need to archive documents, etc.

  2, capital management:

  (1) In order to reduce the financial risk out of the project quality assurance.In sub-contract [], [], and [the procurement contract supplier information management] has set payment limit and retention money.You avoid overpayments sub-funds at some stage, for materials.While providing the original contract archiving functions can be stored in the original contract to the original software after a scan, find your payment in the settlement subcontractor or material supplier, you can always call up the original check the contents of the original contract in the software.

  (2) provide cash journal [] and [] bank journal automatically generated function.The system will be all kinds of business documents related to the funds automatically generates cash journal and bank journal.Reduce duplicate registrations finance staff, improve work efficiency.

  3, material management:

  (1) Material Management segment large timber (primary timber), scattered material (DPM), leasing material (working material), and should have the appropriate storage, a library and refunding.In order to facilitate certain materials.Does not require the library, i.e., the presence of the storage library increase the material straight out management straight.So more segmentation management.

  (2) provide the suppliers of raw materials prices [set] module that lets you compare prices before purchasing materials, can be transferred directly from the price set at the time of fill material purchase orders, to prevent the wrong record.

  (3) can be introduced to each other in material planning and budgeting.

  (4) provide material procurement cost overruns early warning mechanism [], as long as you set up projects corresponding materials planning, you can take advantage of the early warning function to prevent the material aspects of the procurement plan than planned, in the implementation of the plan in red reaction over plan to control material

  (5) Rental material can real-time statistical rental and leasing gold case material balances.

  4, staff management aspects:

  (1) providing management staff salaries [], [] wages settlement, loan management [], [] and [repayment manage employee attendance] were directly linked to the employee at the time of entry wage-related data will automatically be brought into wages management and employee wage settlement.

  5, fixed asset management:

  Fixed device management, providing depreciation of fixed assets management, where management is consolidated fixed asset allocation and depreciation of fixed assets.In this way more user-friendly management of fixed assets (machinery and equipment) .Keep track of the location in which the mechanical equipment and depreciation.Not only can query the total depreciation can also check the amount of depreciation implemented on a single site.Eliminating the need to transfer, during the depreciation of the tedious management.

  6, rights management:

  (1) The above user authorization simple and intuitive.No tedious, user role set, i.e., two very intuitive user groups and users.User group and user permissions at a glance, very refreshing abandon the cumbersome user role settings.

  (2) Independent site project management administrative privileges.Even if several users have the same function, since they belong to different project site, each site authorized management authority.So we can not see each other data between them.Without disturbing each other.

  (3) Each user (if no settlement, unaudited) under conditions permitting, can only modify and delete their own to fill in the documents, users on the same project, if there are system privileges, can only view permissions.Such strict control of operating authority, to ensure data security.This software fixed process.Avoid false set of problems arises through the permissions settings.

  7, collaborative office management:

  (1) information dissemination and management

  (2) multi-level approval

  (3) various types of inspections and meetings Archive Management.

  8, the data output:

  (1) rich query output, the software has more than 200 kinds of queries the user may at any time, anywhere, check out the various types of data they need.Dynamic control site run state.

  (2) a wealth of report output, according to the information needs of various projects and types of work, such as automatic summary statistics, greatly improve the accuracy and computing speed, all inquiries and reports can be exported to EXCEL file, the current system has more than 150 reports and various documents output

  Zimei construction site management system update log

  Attach upgrade log:


  (1) All current review process increased to six audits [Hunan] [King Qiaoyuan Lin Engineering Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Yong Hui Construction Group Co., Ltd. Nanjing Branch], etc.

  (2) new rental equipment, capacity, bank transfer, bank deposit, lease materials, wages and salaries, wages settlement, material allocation of six review process

  (3) information base material optimization can be achieved in different warehouses, the same material, the same material number can be] [Wuhan East Refrigeration Engineering Co., Ltd.]

  (4) Materials Optimization of speed

  (5) can be achieved hide certain level of material price and amount (set at the system level in the audit function) at the time the audit materials

  (6) Rental BOMs embodied in material specifications.

  (7) repair the PC material costs statistics by item, budget display issues [Suzhou Baidu Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd.]

  (8) to optimize the system did not choose to import the template file corresponds to suspend the import operation [Wuhan East Refrigeration Engineering Co., Ltd.]

  (9) increases the material name and the system according to the field length specification.

  (10) optimization update permissions refinement.

  (11) only procurement contracts for bulk storage can not choose material contracts were put in storage [Suzhou Baidu Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd.]

  Other aspects of known optimization problem (12)

  Mobile terminal:

  (1) synchronous

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