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Zhiyuan stand-alone device management software platform



  Zhiyuan platform device management software to equipment economic management as the core, all aspects of the whole process of centralized device management, is a practical, simple, easy to operate, powerful device management information platform.Set asset accounting management, file system management, special equipment management, equipment operation and management, equipment inspection, equipment maintenance, equipment maintenance, spare parts management, lubrication management, incident management, economic management, equipment training, OEE analysis, real-time status monitoring is one, multi-user operation, the authority is clear, effective protection of the safety and accuracy of data.Similar software release notes for the software address Tianyi timely downloads View CRE Office desktop office platform download 7.1 House official version View cloud web conferencing computer version 3.25.6 PC version to view bluejeans2.twenty one.411.0 PC version to view formatted batch file download system 1.0 View computer version

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