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Zhidong blog Assistant



  Zhidong blog is an assistant to help webmasters and blog writers quickly send blog posts to blog sites using software Zhidong blog aide to facilitate the management of your blog data, you can also publish articles on the dynamics of pseudo-original (conducive to search you can filter the article in the engines sent by the history function), to prevent duplication send you let your hair every day of liberation from manual physical labor out blog to help you optimize your website rankings, etc. this software mainly used SEO site optimization, as well as articles quickly to multiple blog functionality

  Software Features

  1, the use of the underlying HTTP protocol to send the article, and IE, open the site without having to send the article, high efficiency low occupancy resources;

  2, support for multiple threads at the same time articles posted to more than one blog site;

  3, support for dynamic pseudo functions if the original article, which will help you send the articles to be indexed by search engines;

  4, has a cache entry COOKIE function without user intervention automatically remove invalid COOKIE;

  5, software scalability, and support for increasing the number of blog, you do not need to be able to enjoy the additional cost of sending more blog;

  6, blog library is automatically updated with the new blog update automatically detected, so you worry and effort;

  7, the article uses the file management system, not only convenient but also scalability; on the blog account can also be classified management

  8, the software itself functions integrate powerful collection of articles Zhidong Web Content Collector, enter the URL of the collection;

  9, software integration Zhidong pseudo-original tool, with a wealth of pseudo-original, insert, replace key words SEO features

  10, average support many articles do not send repeat to multiple blog functions, is very beneficial to search engines

  11, support for automatic data backup, recovery

  12, support for multiple third-party payment verification code recognition

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