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Zero-screen video software



  "Zero screen recording software" is an excellent home-made screen recording software.She can easily process software operating on the computer screen, training courses, online courseware, online television, online movies, QQ video, MSN video, video chat, recording and other big game to wmv, and simultaneously record sound.Large compression rate, video effects is extremely clear, low CPU utilization; sound synchronization input, the effect is real!Similar software release notes for the software address B station taped Kyi official version 1.1.View the official version 18 b station taped machine Download.6.10 View TalkHelper Screen Recorderz desktop computer version PC version to view video on the computer screen Hing version 1.0 PC version of the latest version to view recorded large coffee 2.0.4.View the latest version of 1

  Zero-screen video software Features:

  ★ support and to ensure long video sound synchronization, please try to use the latest version.In the hard disk space is sufficient, the recording time may be limited.

  ★ generation video format WMV: WMV is Microsoft''s streaming media format, which is (Advanced Stream Format) format upgrade ASF "with the door," the extension comes.In the same video quality, WMV format volume is very small, so it is suitable for online playback and transmission .

  ★ high-definition video: video quality adjustable, can be adjusted from 60 to 100, 100 is the best quality.

  ★ audio sound realistic: high bit-rate, two-channel recording, sound lossless compression to achieve high fidelity.

  ★ video frame rate can be adjusted: 1 to 50 can achieve any adjustment, the recommended range is from 5 to 30.

  ★ Full support for Windows7 and Vista: Fully compatible with win7 operating system, adaptable.

  ★ support video: video driver installed by default, full screen capture to enhance the speed, online video, video chat panoramic view.

  ★ support custom area video: custom zone arbitrarily set, making it ideal for teachers courseware, record table games, video chat, the process of software operation, network video recording.

  ★ elegant interface, simple and user-friendly operation: super convenient software operation, to achieve a key operation; concise interface, a look that will.

  ★ support that is record-play: after recording can be completed in time to play, no need to find the directory where the file, saving you valuable time, because time is money that is.

  ★ Save Path Custom: You can set your own video file path, a shortcut directly to the video folder.

  ★ video encryption save: Video files can be encrypted and stored, always protect your privacy oh.


  Zero-screen video software for the crowd and use of:

  ★ Scope: Recording courseware, record operating software tutorials, courseware long recording network, recording QQ / MSN and other chat video, recorded TV network, record movie clips, recording screen operation records, etc..

  ★ crowd: the general public: such as teachers, students, workers, computers, game enthusiasts, software engineers, trainers, parents, staff and other computer maintenance computer staff.

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