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Zero-day supermarket management system



  Absolute value for money supermarket management software, is for supermarket development, powerful, simple, user-friendly, you soon will be interested.

  1, the time of sale, a timely grasp of the current inventory, cost of sales, gross profit for each item, you can check at any time.

  2, it can be optional printer, scanner, printer and small ticket.

  3, you can set different discounts to different members.

  4, a timely display between units (suppliers, customers) accounts receivable, accounts payable.

  5, supporting six price (retail price, the reference price will be one to five).

  6, support for membership management, can automatically calculate the total amount of consumption, total points, the remaining points may be issued membership cards and credit card spending.

  7, all documents, reports can be preview before printing, and can be exported to an Excel file, and then arrange for special treatment based on your actual needs.

  8, all kinds of powerful statistical reports, to provide you with a detailed business reports, allowing you to enter the commodity, financial condition sales, storage and profits well aware.

  9, "Fool, humane" design, import and sale, storage integrated, easy to use, do not understand accounting, computers can easily use.

  10, supports automatic backup of data.

  11, intelligent upgrade.You only need to click the mouse, you can upgrade the software via the Internet, eliminating the pain of your upgrade.

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