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Zero-day pharmacy management system (Enhanced)



  Double-click the bottom left of the main window of the program "entry window" button, you can open the "entry window" window.

  System features: information flow processing, process control any.

  Double-click the bottom left of the main window "report output" button, you can open the "Display and Print" window.

  System features: open data management, supports a variety of database formats.

  System features: support for the development of data networks, to easily design client applications.

  System features: convenient information classification, simple tree management.

  Click spreadsheet interface in the table above column headers, you can sort.

  "Pharmacy sales management system" in the report, there are two: one is the multi-record table, the table is a single record.

  The use of "entry window" data entry can improve your productivity.

  System features: information input intelligence, greatly improving the efficiency of input.

  Click "Cancel Sort" button on the system tray, you can cancel the sort.

  System features: support formula, let calculator shelved.

  Using the "Filter bar" on the system tray can be recorded screened.

  System features: support inter-field operation, automatic evaluation of calculated field.

  System features: Record validation to ensure accurate and effective data.

  System features: intelligent import the required fields, mouse click rendered report.

  System date format is generally "XXXX-XXXX".

  Mode input interface of the "auxiliary input" can improve the user''s entry speed.

  System features: auto-generated information menu, convenient and quick access to information.

  System Features: Full support permissions, development and application interface separation.

  System features: convenient new user interface, operation.

  System features: uses less memory, runs faster.

  "Pharmacy management system" include "basic information", "drug storage", "drug sales", "other expenses", "inventory management" and "revenue and profit statistics.".

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