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Zero One batch landers Ali Want



  This software is used to batch login Want, easy management, currently only supports the 2009 version of Want Want.Similar software release notes for the software address multi-language writers downloads Chinese version of the crazy game assistant View View the latest official version of the official version 1 Extab.0.0.3 official version of the Army Ants View Melody intelligence official version 2 software.0.1.3 official version View 1235 Editor 2.0 View computer version

  With this batch Want landers, you no longer need to manually enter one by one, and so on Taobao user name, then enter a password to login Want!Software

  To help you fully automated batch landed Want an account, you can help save a lot of energy with physical!

  Add or import your accounts, import accounts, you need to be saved in advance of your account list to a text file, the format of "account name |

  Account password "(without the quotation marks), each row represents an account.

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