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Zero customer service network platform



  Zero customer service network platform is a set of instant messaging, visitor monitoring, traffic statistics, CRM is one of the advanced Internet online customer service software, widely used in Internet sales, live chat, online call center.English, Japanese translation of a guest WEB-based development, the use of B / S structure, visitors can be text, voice, video conversation or telephone communication with online customer service without having to install any plug-ins for foreign clients, the system provides timely online.Zero customer service network platform for practical use, help countless companies quickly improve website sales.Similar software release notes for the software address IP Messenger official download 5.1.180,210 official version to view microblogging Desktop official version View 9158 virtual video official download View 7 kN.twenty two.06N official Chinese version View Comfort cf video chat 6.7 Chinese version 6.7.356 Chinese version of View

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