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Zeno distance education platform Soft Download



  Zeno interactive collaboration system is designed for teaching, training, meeting and collaboration platform designed for network synchronization, access to national "Technology Innovation Fund" project support.Internet users can be achieved through fully interactive, including text, video, voice, whiteboard, collaborative mapping, equation editor, document sharing, synchronous video and other means.Using the latest network technology, high-quality image processing technology, as well as first-class video and audio processing technology to support large scale web collaboration applications, providing high-quality collaborative interactive experience.

  Zeno interactive collaboration system based on world leading remote collaborative work platform technology, integrated instant messaging system, and the most advanced video and audio codec engine and transmission network processing technology, cross-network, distributed, dynamic balancing, data distribution, since the bandwidth adapt characteristics, its outstanding stability and reliability, to provide users with an unprecedented interactive experience.

  Is ideal for remote training, conferences, learning exchanges, language exchange learning, tutoring, etc..

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