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  Yuuguu "target =" _ blank "rel =" nofollow "> Yuuguu is a special social networking applications, primarily for sharing PC operating system desktop and applications, setting contacts, through certain permissions, you can let people see that you contact your shared out local desktop information and other operations.At the same time, it also has a certain function remote desktop control, convenience and instant messaging with contacts in touch.Yuuguu function is to realize that they need to develop a local client software support, compatible with Windows and Mac OS X platform.Similar software release notes for the software address IP Messenger official download 5.1.180,210 official version to view microblogging Desktop official version View 9158 virtual video official download View 7 kN.twenty two.06N official Chinese version View Comfort cf video chat 6.7 Chinese version 6.7.356 Chinese version of View

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