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Yunnan Province, family planning statistics reporting system



  After the rehabilitation of Yunnan family planning accounting and statistical reporting system introduced, the initial statistical data of family planning is done by the township (town), is based on village reported to the "information report card" statistics "births, deaths, surgery "and other data.Normal, we usually do statistical data will first month statistics come out, no matter how tired added to the previous month''s report, which is required by the work of this manual calculations (or a small amount of computer assisted calculation), not to mention not only high efficiency but also easy to make mistake.There is also a problem, that is when we need the data within a certain period (for example: October 2007 to March 2008), is to re-do it again statistics?Or to report out a bunch of numbers simple calculations count most of the day!!.Similar software release notes address Starry production management system software download 21218a official version to see Silver Spring travel agency business management software download 6.25 View the latest version of your corpus management and retrieval crane assistant official version 1.0 View the official version of the official version 4 Shadows.5.View the official version of the 8699 Teacher Resources Management System Download.View the latest version of 1

  "Yunnan Provincial Family Planning Report Statistics System" to make your stats work will become easier, the statistical work to the computer to process a large number of.We only need to count the occurrence of family planning information digital month, the statistical system will be according to your need for data accumulation, but also can easily statistics of family planning data within an arbitrary period.Not only that, it will automatically maintain the balance between the numeric tables and table, reduce the maximum error rates to ensure the accuracy of statistics.At the same time, statistics can be saved as EXCEL (spreadsheet) format to facilitate the transfer report.

  Key functions:

  1, automatically accumulate statistical data;

  2, statistical period can be specified;

  3. Analysis Table 1-6 quarter report made automatically;

  4, the data is automatically balanced between tables;

  5, unplanned birth information management and query;

  6, the data in a spreadsheet with the data in this software free exchange, through the "Copy" and "Paste" to achieve.

  7, all tables can be saved as a spreadsheet format for easy data transfer.

  8, database backup and recovery to ensure data security.


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