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Yunfeng Warehouse Management System




  Information data entry

  Information Warehouse delete modify increase

  Cargo increased amendments to delete information

  Supplier Information delete modify increase

  Modify delete personnel information increases

  Product Type delete modify increase

  Document process management

  Receipts increased modify delete

  Deliveries increased amendments to delete

  Amendments to delete a single increase in refunding

  Amendments to delete a single increase borrowing

  Amendments to delete a single loan increase

  ★ increase requisition amendments to delete

  Amendments to delete a single reported loss increase

  Month inventory

  Query stats

  Inventory inquiry

  Query documents

  Cargo Information

  Advanced Search

  Custom Query

  Username: admin

  Password: admin

  Provide this warehouse management software modifications and custom personalized

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  Undertake based on ASP, NET, OA system in PHP environment, Invoicing system, CRM system, B / S enterprise management software development and modification!

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