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Yi Shun-kai stand-alone inventory management system Simplified Deluxe Edition



  Yi Shun-kai Deluxe Edition inventory management system for small and medium enterprises, factories, the Ministry of wholesale, retail, store, electronics, clothing, machinery, trade, manufacturing, construction, distributors and other commodity procurement, sales, warehousing, a library, accounts payable and other management.Key features include product information, between units of information (including suppliers, customers and other information), purchase requisitions, purchase orders, procurement of goods, purchase returns, purchase replacement, sales quotes, sales orders, sales shipments, sales returns, sales change goods, single borrowing, borrow return single, single loan, loan restitution orders, receive orders, gift list, requisitioned single, single recipients return, allocation of goods, commodities reported losses, commodity newspaper overflows, storage of goods, commodities a library, merchandise inventory, receiving orders, payment orders, etc., also includes a large number of statistical analysis report by the management, the company''s operation at a glance.As long as you want to purchase goods, sales, warehouse management an item, this software is for you.

  1, the overall function: friendly software interface, easy to use, simple, elegant, powerful user-friendly process design, detailed help files and software to use video teaching, as long as you use the mouse, typing, no training can quickly master software use.Powerful data export capabilities, support for exporting Excel, html and other formats, so you can always export the desired data.Personnel / current units (including suppliers, customers, etc.) / product information and batch data for each document import feature, so you no longer a sum of the input data, greatly accelerate the establishment of speed information.Support for multi-currency transactions, discounts and taxes, support detailed performance analysis, including performance analysis department / director / developer / merchandiser / sales, so that you can always learn performance of the company cases.Support multi-commodity units of measurement, so you can always be commodity based on the number of conversion unit conversion table.Support detailed incoming / outgoing payments and other functions so that you know exactly what pen document has been received / payments received / paid how much money, how much money did not receive / pay.Support for custom document printing format, you can replace any printer, paper type, print, etc..Supports both manual entry and bar code scanning, you can according to their actual situation customize documents required default entries, so you can more easily develop documents.Support multi-Zhang Tao, support for an unlimited number of Zhang Tao, so you can create and manage multiple Zhang Tao, keep abreast of the status of each subsidiary or independent sector.Powerful data sorting feature that allows you to sort by any combination of data content.Statistical analysis of large amounts of data query, so that you can always grasp the status of the company.


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