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  Yi Shun good inventory management system standard version for small and medium enterprises, wholesale department, garment factories and other commodity procurement, sales, storage, a library, accounts payable and other management.Key features include product information, between units of information (including suppliers, customers and other information), purchase requisitions, purchase orders, procurement of goods, purchase returns, purchase replacement, sales orders, sales shipments, sales returns, sales of replacement, collar single, requisitioned the return of single, single borrowing, borrow return single, single loan, loan restitution orders, receive orders, gift orders, allocation of goods, commodities reported losses, commodity newspaper overflows, storage of goods, goods out of the library, merchandise inventory, receiving orders, payment orders, etc., also includes a large number of statistical analysis report by the management, the company''s operation at a glance.As long as you want to purchase goods, sales, storage, collection and payment of an item management, this software is for you.Similar software release notes address common computer software systems offer the official version 1.0 View the official version of the new business alliance 1.4 PC version View Bo sales Warehouse Management System 1.82 network cloud version to see a lot of fight 5.26.0 PC Edition Go Blue Point Universal Management download the latest version of Check 25

  1, the overall function: friendly software interface, easy to use, simple, elegant, powerful user-friendly process design, detailed help files and software to use video teaching, as long as you use the mouse, typing, no training can quickly master software use.Powerful data export capabilities, support for exporting Excel, html and other formats, so you can always export the desired data.Personnel / current units (including suppliers, customers, etc.) / bulk data import feature product information, so you no longer a sum of the input data, greatly accelerate the establishment of speed information.Support for custom document printing format, you can replace any printer, paper type, print, etc..Supports both manual entry and bar code scanning, you can according to their actual situation customize documents required default entries, so you can more easily develop documents.Support multi-Zhang Tao, support for an unlimited number of Zhang Tao, so you can create and manage multiple Zhang Tao, keep abreast of the status of each subsidiary or independent sector.Powerful data sorting feature that allows you to sort by any combination of data content.Statistical analysis of large amounts of data query, so that you can always grasp the status of the company.

  2, basic information: Provides basic information on a number of settings, including: departments / staff / warehouse / storage category / library category / categories of income / expenditure category / checkout / region / industry / classification between units / between units / Categories information / product unit / products, etc..Department / income category / expenditure category / region / industry / classification between units / commodity classification category management in a tree structure, the data analysis by size class lets you later.In the commodity information screen can be entered simultaneously multiple customers and suppliers of goods corresponding, so you can always check out the details with customers and suppliers for each commodity, different customers / vendors can set different units / Price / item number.Direct can view each item in the warehouse where detailed product information in the number of.Personnel / current units (including suppliers, customers, etc.) / bulk data import feature product information, allowing you to complete a one-time pre-established data.Personnel sub-sector, between units (including suppliers, customers, etc.) sub-sectors by region, category management, allowing you to more easily carry out personnel / current units (including suppliers, customers, etc.) / Product Information Management.

  3, purchasing management: from purchase requisitions, purchase orders, procurement of goods, purchase returns and replacement of procurement management to improve the procurement process.Directly generate the corresponding inventory purchasing documents according Out alarms, etc., to accelerate the rate billing.Provides a wealth of purchase requisition / order / purchase / return / replacement schedule and the summary table, the purchase price of the table, the history of commodity price list, year list purchases, purchases of goods Year table, vendor purchases Year table to help businesses effective management of procurement, logistics, capital flow and information flow.

  4, sales management: from the sales order, sales shipments, sales returns and sales of replacement of complete business process management.Provides a wealth of sales orders / sales shipments / sales returns / replacement sales daily report, monthly reports, summary tables and schedules, product sales / sales / profit on sales rankings, customer sales / profit on sales charts, commodities sales details and summary, detail and customer sales summary, the year the sales / marketing income statement, sales of goods Year / sales / sales income statement, client Year sales / sales income statement, to help companies achieve sales logistics, capital flow and effective management of information flow.

  5. Inventory Management: Provides a single recipients, recipients return single, single borrow, borrow return single, single loan, loan restitution orders, receive orders, gift orders, allocation of goods, commodities reported losses, commodity newspaper overflows, merchandise storage, a library commodities, commodity inventory, commodity stocks, inventory and inventory alarm sound knot certificates of deposit warehouse process management.Support multi-warehouse function, always check inventory, provide a rich storehouse daily report, monthly reports, schedules and summary tables to help companies establish a standard of warehousing processes, improve operational efficiency warehousing.

  6, accounts payable: providing a single collection and payment management, and efficient completion of daily expenditure management.Provides a wealth of incoming / outgoing payments and Summary Schedule, year receipts table, table payments the year, the year table receipts between units, between units year payment table provides a list of receivables and payables warning query mechanism, ready to remind you which customers should be receivable, which vendors should be paid to the.

  7, system settings: provide a clear function keys, so you always have the option to erase your designated project.Flexible system initial setup, so you can set the number of decimal places, unit price and amount, it can be set to 0-9 decimal places.Detailed system permissions assigned, so that the operator can only operate their own privileged interface.You can set up multiple company names, according to the report need to print out the names of different companies.Provide complete data security, data backup and recovery at any time.


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