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Yi Heng Restaurant Management Software



  Online reservation system

  Suitable for restaurants, hotels and other catering enterprises


  1.Published Terrace, menus, discounts and other food and beverage information

  2.Users get order information

  Yi Heng Restaurant Management Software

  The main function:

  (1) the definition of basic data

  Business area is defined, the definition of the table number, the category of dishes, dishes information, discounts, payment mode, package definitions, etc.

  (2) Customer and card management

  Customer class definition, the definition of customer information, card management

  (3) Business Management

  Reservations, front desk is open cash register, buy a ticket, kitchen print

  (4) Inventory Management

  Procurement of storage, picking out library materials allocation, inventory

  (5) a variety of statistical reports

  Business Daily, consumption schedule, consumption summary tables, summary table fees, schedules and other charges

  (6) Powerful rights management

  Defined groups, groups and permissions, operator-defined

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