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Yi commerce Manager Standard Edition



  Yi commerce is a tool for managers of small and medium business enterprises inventory management, account management, marketing, customer management software, fully integrated with the small and medium business enterprise management features and advanced software development technology, research and development from the beginning of the upcoming flexible and practical, software development is one simple goal, many other useful features are user management difficulties for the distribution industry design, can meet the needs of enterprise management software to simplify the process and maximize the operation, the user simply enter daily business documents, the system will automatically generate a variety of statistical reports, accounting exchanges, commodity stocks at a glance, even if there is no contact with the user''s computer, but also just after just a few days of learning, you can easily use this software.The software is widely used in all kinds of wholesale, retail, stores, trading companies.


  Navigation system uses a graphical interface, simple and clear operation;

  System wizards guide the user step by step to complete the initialization Zhang Tao.

  Unified interface, consistent layout, users become familiar with some basic modules, function modules based it can easily get started.

  Data import and export functions, basic information can be imported into the system, also can be exported all kinds of information, business documents, reports to Excel for analysis, processing.

  All information can be printed, print a variety of output formats to any design, support functions Printing.

  Billing is extremely fast and easy, while supporting bar code scanning operations

  Support for multi-unit, and can automatically convert the number of units in proportion

  More than the upper limit stock of goods or merchandise libraries are prompted to stock limit

  Now end, a variety of monthly settlement, monthly expiration reminder.

  A variety of algorithm costs, costing more flexible, more accurate statistics profit.

  A variety of ways to track prices, customer pricing, historical prices, price can be preset queries, custom.

  Distribution of competences rigorous and meticulous, to ensure that commercial information is not unrelated people to see or modify.

  Convenient search function, powerful rich reporting output.

  Outsourcing support functions, temporary storage without having to purchase goods for sale.

  Supports dual-unit, single merchandise discounts, tax rates, a product than many other useful features.

  Integrated customer relationship management, sales management capabilities to support bulk mail feature.

  Modem can be realized with the corresponding Caller ID, SMS group sending, fax listserv

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