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Yi co-enterprise business process management software



  1, the form sorting function

  2. Increase text messages, send e-mail settings

  3, forms hidden features

  4, more business process customization features

  5, the new service list

  6, the new reassignment, on behalf of the processing functions

  7 offers simple office page

  8, the new MIS data management module

  9, new job statistics module

  10, new business statistics module

  11, a form data when the automatic

  12, scheduled tasks can be automatically initiated and submitted to the people

  13, the new working hours set

  14, add a personal address book functions

  16, the new knowledge-sharing module

  Free update:

  1, the format operation forms with a custom form more humane

  2, forms printing

  3, the processing time of a variety of settings method

  4, instant messaging, real-time traffic alerts to be sent with the message

  5, more flexible form design

  6, the data selection easier

  7, statistics easier to set conditions

  8, data export forms EXCEL

  The use of process management can significantly shorten the process cycle and reduce costs and to improve the quality of work and curing business processes, automate processes, promote teamwork and optimize business processes, and ultimately unified and centralized functions, conversion functions merge functions, let the people in charge do not have to worry about orders and poor implementation, so that middle managers do everything to consult, buck-passing, so that all employees understand the business were all affairs who do, how to do and how to make clear to the standard at a glance, enterprise management standardization and procedures.

  Curing process advantages:

  1, to ensure that when a company''s loss of key employees, many of the key technologies is not lost, because a lot of knowledge has been cured enough down.

  2, when the company reaches a certain size, when the need for increased coordination of services does not reduce the efficiency of coordination.

  3, to avoid passing the buck when large enterprise business or business complex.

  4, when the management administration from linear to matrix management evolution, to maintain the original efficiency.

  5, can enable enterprises from the rule of man to cross-system management, enterprise system to ensure the enforcement of.

  6, to ensure that when business is busy, to ensure uniform pace.

  7, to avoid risks, the business does not depend on individual performance.

  8, from a global view to ensure supervision of enterprise business performance.

  The upgrades:

  1, the new office interface (annex, transfer history, a flow chart form, operation integrated interface, the interface can work in the new receipt, handling, return, and other operations refused without different switching modules.).

  2, annex forms:

  a, attachment can icon, list mode performance;

  b, by attachment aggregated circulation flow path.

  3, the upgrade process editor.

  4, support for dynamic parallelism.

  5, upgrade processing time can be a long time, days, months day, week and other means for the time limit set, the system processes the time limit for take down.

  6, support for dynamic forms, reports:

  a, the system supports custom forms, reports, integration, custom development business forms, reports according to business needs;

  b, dynamic collection form data can be automatically aggregated flow path;

  c, the process editor can be set to link people to handle dynamic form data to add, delete, edit permissions.

  7, business statistics inquiry upgrade, data in different personnel, time, department, business forms and other conditions statistics collected and filtered data can be business field, allowing to download data to EXCEL file.

  8, support for custom events.

  9, delay statistics upgrade, by sector, the statistics of the time delay has been part of the information service (does not include links without delay), to help management performance appraisal, allowing the export to EXCEL file.

  10, returned to the number of statistics, by sector, the statistics of the time a part of a business deal with people being returned more than N times the business, helping management quality assessment, allowing the export to EXCEL file.

  11, cancel the print module form, print function added to the business process of handling.

  12, entrusted upgrade.

  13, scheduled tasks to upgrade.

  14, Quick Login:

  In collaboration portal home page includes some business statistics such as delay statistics, running business until the receipt of work, such as working in the office, these statistics must be retrieved by statistics on the server, the login time-intensive.For business people to quickly log in to conduct business, the user can change the system home after the first log, so [be sign work] or [in the office work] become the system home page, simply switch to [pending receipt of work] or [in the office work ] module, select the [display] to this page after logging in.

  15, retrieve and process statistics:

  Business process diagrams can be viewed through the collaboration portal, and through the process or processes link statistics retrieval service.

  The upgrades include:

  First, the management console:

  1, allows adjustment of the fixed flow department

  2, increase the "business data permissions", corresponding to the Collaboration Portal "field is set to" "code table maintenance" function

  3, scheduled tasks can be set to automatically initiate the importance of

  4, increase business data code table maintenance

  5, the field is set to increase the "Source" is set

  After 6, department manager was awarded the "Form Design" rights, can form code table maintenance and access to classified data and limited operating table settings

  Second, the Form Designer:

  1, can upload pictures, and set the image size

  2, is provided to allow field removed

  3, the table is highlighted

  4, drop-down box upgrade

  Third, the process editor:

  1, increase the time limit for the read-only attribute

  2, increasing the importance of the work of default

  Fourth, the collaboration portal:

  1, increasing the importance of the work, and each retrieval, query, statistics module increases corresponding conditions

  2, the importance of the work to modify the default promoters can be modified, the supervisor can use to modify configuration parameters, "a supervisor can suspend business" permission

  3 Home, "a running business," department heads default view of the department of business, no permission to view the general staff, a list of different conditions, show different items

  4, increase the flow of the search statistics module, anyone can see, the default permissions to view my own business, under the leadership of view of business, and download data

  5, the form may be configured to select data from the data source when the data fill

  6, with a "business-related data set permissions" maintainable field, stopwatch

  7, the filter field reinforcement to be selected when the condition setting data

  8, scheduled tasks sponsor may amend the importance of the work, the theme format, job requirements, templates and other accessories

  9, built-in sample form secondary development

  10. garbled when downloading data, install the ALT key and click the download button

  Fifth, improve support for 64-bit operating systems;

  Sixth, complete WPS accessories online to browse, preview, print and other functions for;

  Seven complete WPS browse, preview, print and other functions of OFFICE documents;

  Eight, to complete the form designer upgrades.

  4.0 release:

  First, the increase in business score and score statistics analysis

  1, the console features property rules to increase scoring

  2, the process editor to increase scoring rules defined functions

  3, business processes to increase business collaboration portal Scoring

  4, business process collaboration portal to increase ratings statistical analysis

  5, increase job permission console score statistics authority

  Second, the increase in e-mail message notification service

  1, automatic parameter configuration increases scheduled tasks and reminders whether to send the message service message

  2, parameter configuration increases the e-mail configuration function (send mail)

  3, business process collaboration portal personal assistance increased mail registration and verification function

  4, an increase in business process collaboration portal to submit work, return to work, refused to work, work is completed, manual handling, automatic reminders, scheduled tasks, custom messages, send e-mail

  5, increase business functions hyperlink in the message sent

  Third, other

  1. Collaboration Portal business process diagrams upgrade, when the user clicks a flow chart and add more links to handle information (transactor, arrival time, departure time, treatment advice, etc.).

  2. Collaboration Portal, the console login screen upgrade.

  3, parameter configuration upgrade.

  4.Version 1

  First, the increase in non-form format (design easier and more convenient to use)

  1, the management console to increase the definition of data tables

  2, increasing the data table configuration management console (field data sources, data format, etc.)

  3, process editor attached form

  4, collaborative process portal application form

  5, multi-record form

  6, a single record form: single support, two, three display, and provide functions such as downloading EXCEL

  7, Historical Data

  8, data access control

  Second, online documentation support DWGDXF

  Third, the desktop instant messaging upgrade

  1, the desktop instant message alerts

  2, the message dialogue

  Fourth, instant messaging upgrade page

  1, page message alerts

  2, page message conversations

  Fifth, the process can be articulated attachment stencil (quasi automatically loaded when the accessories do business templates such as EXCEL, WORD, etc. Report Template)

  Sixth, to allow the use of a login ID or login name system

  Seven, upload attachments can specify read-only

  4.2 version update

  1, IP and machine name can not end in 0 or 8 BUG

  2, Other

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