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Yau tree game automatically Megaphone



  Background to open automatically Megaphone

  Similar software release notes for the software address water Miao singularity toolbox latest edition 1.0.0.Making the latest version 1 of 3 View family tree.0 View the official version of the official version of the disc information management assistant 0.View the official version 1 card identification management master computer backup version 3.0 PC version to view information bubble MP3 modifier official version 1.View the official version 0


  1.· Content · Frequency propaganda propaganda propaganda automatic window list (non-super compatibility mode) all three are indispensable, start / stop hotkey: F8.

  2.Some games set the interval to send information, propaganda frequency should be appropriate, too fast can clog the propaganda content.

  3.Analog mode of operation, manual operation simulation, propaganda need to move the mouse cursor at the window, this mode does not support multi-window propaganda.

  4.Program interface to show / hide hotkey: F9.

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