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  "Yan Ke WEB promotion specialist," is currently the most powerful interactive simulation web mail software.Using a variety of unique advanced technology to improve the e-mail from the maximum success rate.

  1.The most support a variety of post offices, more powerful editing their own pages interactive scripts.

  2.The only support for attachments, senders test, the Inbox automatically delete pages mass software.

  3.Powerful message content authoring tool.

  (1) multi-message content, automatically when randomly selected letters, and you can not set Enable.

  (2) simplified and traditional features unique random.

  (3) the unique stationery random function, let us look more colorful messages.

  (4) A unique message content type selection, automatic selection of the corresponding post office during transmission.

  (5) powerful rich variables, and variables can be customized.

  (6) a strong random interference processing.

  4.Comes mailbox registration, mailing address search, QQ search, directed search pages, DNS letters and other powerful features.

  5.Display real-time transmission process, detailed tracking information and pragmatic.

  6.Convenient and friendly user interface.

  7.Automated interfaces mail address.

  8.Automatic online upgrade, with the script upgraded without upgrading the main program, a quick upgrade script.

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