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Xun warehouse management system (Simplified / plastics industry Universal Edition)



  For a company''s success and failure, inventory management played a decisive role.Purchasing, receiving and dispatching, production, outward processing, engineering and finance departments need accurate data warehousing warehousing data errors can lead to the production to be expected, and errors and omissions purchase excess inventory and other issues.Due to the wide variety of goods and warehousing or move frequently, so rely on the naked eye to find goods and manpower is difficult to accurately grasp the correct location and quantity of goods, it will waste a lot of time to reduce working efficiency, therefore, to grasp accurate warehousing data is an important element of a company''s success.Effective inventory management system can help you reduce excess inventory accumulation, increase profits, the road to success.

  Because each company on inventory management requirements are not the same, therefore, the software is particularly powerful in terms of versatility, flexibility, automatic identification, the same document a variety of print formats, multi-warehouse management is a major feature of this software, is a truly fully meet the actual needs of the company''s inventory management system.

  The system can assist small and medium factories routine part of the contents of the major work: a variety of out of warehouses, outgoing, incoming, procurement, delivery, monthly reconciliation, demand computing, production plans, BOM, customer and client products, vendors and suppliers of materials, etc. management.Although this system take the name<仓库管理系统>The actual should be named<企业简易管理系统>.


  - particularly suitable for inventory management (hardware, electronics, plastics, machinery, processing enterprises) factories of.

  Similar software release notes for the software address accessibility out of storage warehouse management system software 35.4.9 stand-alone warehouse management software with a simplified view 8.View the official version 6 e8 warehouse management software 9.87 View General Warehouse Financial Management Software 35.6.5 Online viewing white supply and marketing system V1.0 Views

  - Customize any more out of the warehouse, according to (what documents you want to have what documents), each document can then define a variety of print formats, and can be set Bang, automatic identification.

  - Customize any number of warehouses name (good silos, warehouses unchecked, incoming bad warehouses, warehouse material to be processed, stay silos, waste bin .), PMC easy to master the material conditions for production, to facilitate the development of timely, please purchase procurement, avoid production be expected to reduce the backlog of goods and capital, increase funding flexibility.

  - multi-currency, specific gravity, weight, the number of unit conversion, decimal, composite arbitrary ordering.

  - all of which can be seen in any form exported to Excel, to facilitate analysis or other purposes; import basic data quickly and easily.

  - the recording material out of complete clarity, despair analysis age, monthly reports out of positions weighted moving average computing.

  - BOM (BOM) management, computing and printing production material requirements planning (notification) Single.

  - Delivery / outsourcing (Purchasing) / invoice reconciliation outside the processing; internal transceiver convenient material (nesting, multiple choice).

  - Open the program plug-in interface to achieve your individual needs of.

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