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xresume free resume Design Tools



  1.Free design resume

  When using templates to create your resume, you have not had this kind of problem: Want Job intentions on top, but a template but why should he be placed below; let work experience ranked in the top educational experience, but why are educational experience at the back.

  xresume help you solve this trouble, allowing you to easily create a resume with building blocks: section content as you drag the contents of the order at your disposal.All you need to do is simply change the curriculum vitae of each chapter name Bale.

  2, large capacity templates, easy Take your pick

  200 sets of original template, vestments for you.More template is gradually increasing in.

  Precise classification according to industry and occupation, the first time to help you find the right resume template!Of course, if you are willing to spend more time, you can also browse all templates, colorful design, smooth choreography, clever idea, will allow you to add luster to resume.

  3., FLASH interface

  xresume In addition to efforts to do the most professional resume convenient design tools, but also committed to do the most comfortable and convenient software.FLASH-based technology that allows you to move the user interface!

  4, diverse resume editing mode

  If you already have a resume and word document, select the mode for the word - copy and paste, easy to get;

  If you have not completed your resume, select Advanced Mode - Follow the prompts to enter information, the same easy.

  Editing method rich and varied, depending on your habits, according to your requirements, giving you the most convenient service.

  5., Personal information security protection

  CV registration process to worry about the loss of information?Fear of being illegally obtained personal information to others?

  Personal information security, xresume keep your information safe.

  Whether it is cell phone number, e-mail or work phone, home phone, or even entire resume, to be a secret to secret, I would like to publicly disclose, absolutely safe and absolutely reliable.

  6., User-friendly text editor tool

  Resume writing and editing content as easy as typing in the word: she includes almost all the editing functions of word, whether the font, size, color, or hyperlinks, bold, typography, segmentation, etc..User-friendly text editing tools to make your operation more convenient, make your resume more attractive.

  7.Save the information anytime, anywhere

  Click Save to save the information at any time.Upon exiting the software, we will remind you to save data to ensure that data is not lost.

  8.Always free upgrade

  Lifetime free upgrade online, allowing you to experience the first time the latest and most exciting xresume!

  9., Resume generated online, online print

  After the completion of resume writing software, click on the bottom of the "Save" button, then click "Generate", browse to resume after finished, select print you can have a hard copy of your resume friends.

  Electronic version of the paper version has to enjoy, whether it is net investment or on-site delivery, you have the most perfect of the most brilliant resume.

  10., Resume data import export

  Do not worry about all the data is cleared after a software upgrade, import and export functions to ensure data security, unless you empty yourself, or to manually uninstall, xresume ensure your resume whenever the data integrity intact.

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