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[Score] Apple mac os reward system how to restore recycle bin emptied data?



  Apple mac os system restore back in the empty data as follows:

  : Move to the leftmost apple mac os bottom of the desktop Start menu, and click on the menu, find the "run" option in the pop-up list to the pull-in.

  : Open the Run option, enter the command in the Run box, enter "" regedit ", and click the OK button.

  : After you enter the command and press OK, then enter into the registry editing interface.Then Click the registry folder "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" - "SOFTWARE" - "Microsoft" - "Windows" - "CurrentVersion" - "Explorer" - "DeskTop" - "NameSpace" to.

  : Found "NameSpace" the folder, click to open it, then you can look at it on the right side exhibit a "default" word, followed by a blank space any right look to the right, from the open to the new to create a new " item",

  : Create a new "entry" After the meeting there will be a look at the left named "New # 1" folder, the file "New # 1" folder name to "" {645FFO40--5081--101B - 9F08- -00AA002F954E} "value, you will find also appear on the right side after changing for the better" default "word.

  : Finally, select the "default" word appears on the right, and then right-click and choose "Edit" in the new out of the list, and then fill in the "Recycle Bin" in the Value data, press the OK button to exit.

  : After the steps above to complete the operation at the restart, returns to see if the Recycle Bin to recover deleted files data.

  Basically emptied the back, anyway, I find several online data recovery software are ways to get back

  (You have the time to go toss toss it, but the area covered by the original data, then it certainly is not, the other if it is safe to delete, then also no)

  The best use timemachine, but a full recovery unless a backup is not the place

  I point name, then "his space" my space detail the various recovery software, Download and Instructions. You can go and see.d-recovery mac seems to have a support system, look for.

  If the recommendation is very important to find z specialize in data recovery do, because the use of software to recover more often, it could lead ultimately can not recover

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