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[Help] U disk suddenly is write protected, and can only be read (view) can not exist can not be moved directly useless!!



  You can copy it, save data, and then format the U disk.Try using the following method:

  1 "Computer Management" format.Right-click on "My Computer", select "Manage" to open "computing science" window, select "Disk Management", choose U disk, U disk format.Data on the disk will be no U.

  2, repair and other similar software with USBoot.

  3, U disk home to download the corresponding U disk repair tool to repair.

  4, the above does not, the amount of U-yield production tool.U disk volume production is very troublesome, and time is not necessarily successful, often several times to succeed.First check with ChipGenius (Elf chip) U disk control model, the housing may be opened to view the U-U-chip model, software may detect misregistration detection, more accurate direct view; then, according to the master model, the amount of capacity corresponding download tools, not necessarily the latest production tools, install production tools; run production software, U disk volume production.Production tools is the ultimate weapon repair U disk, as long as not a hardware failure, the amount of production tools can be almost 100 percent repaired, but mass production often several tests to be successful, you can change a few multi-volume production tool, first to the Internet A Course.

  The so-called locked, meaning a road is what can not be operated, tight able to view a list of points to open the files inside the card 2 will be able to open files on it, but can not test go test out.

  First to repair the registry, it is not disabled some features of U.

  1 case first try with a low format, U-disk format once, if not enough, he returned to the manufacturer, which may be a bad chip.

  2 This situation is generally U-edge with keys, may accidentally press into, if it is not with the disc features, Depot, ditto.

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