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[Help] U disk is not bright green light for a moment, the computer does not recognize



  If the plug out of the computer does not recognize, to see if there is an icon on the computer.

  Recommend View Model U disk controller chips chips query software, and then find the appropriate tools to recover under production

  It could be a problem partition table

  me too.Now we know how it burned chip...........Bored for a long time.

  That was a pirated U disk, plug in the opinions burned very hot, and finally burned down.Now I bought a genuine, although a little expensive, but my heart Lishu Tan more.

  U disk that you took so long.There are also likely to be burned.

  - Of course, this is my one opinion.But it is a reference.Or to the designated place to check inspection.Is alive or dead, he says goes.(But if I''m really the kind of situation that disk, then U.In other N computers too, "does not recognize".Good luck - hope it is not so)

  The usb plug and then restart the computer and if not then the next universal USB drive

  Try installing a universal driver!

  u disk chip''s power is broken, is not necessarily burned, is also willing to be mechanical damage, only for repair, but maintenance staff and to say good inside information, will not be repaired after you format melted

  If the landlord is only formatted U can then use the following recipe on I can solve your problem a tool can also repair U disk!The landlord can give it a try you can not solve your problem!I hope you can help it!

  1.First, download the Jinshan defender U disk repair tool

  U disk repair tool Download Baidu search guardian of the Jinshan

  2.Run the tool click on "start killing" carried the virus U disk cleanup.

  3.Click on "strong Format" target letter format work, if unsuccessful, please check the "restart Format" again.

  4.At this point your system is likely to remain there also other viruses follow the prompts to download the Jinshan guard, using a unique twin-engine antivirus technology, the virus Trojan Power Eraser.

  Jinshan Jinshan guards download address Baidu search guardian

  Hope landlord adoption!

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