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[Experts] in the computer system in the end what is a virus, delete the folder is automatically restored?



  Now a lot of hidden Trojan installed, do not come out, it is recommended to use antivirus software killing it safe.

  If you encounter a Trojan horse or virus kill (or kill clean), generally due to the Trojan is running, or other viral processes guard, caused.If you encounter this kind of hidden very high, and the release of virus-driven, hard to handle.

  So first of virus inactivation, then it is easy to kill live virus killing the

  1, the computer virus is recommended professionally installed antivirus software, antivirus software completely killing the virus in safe mode processing should be able to clean up completely, it is recommended to try the computer butler Tencent, it''s free professional security software, antivirus management needs Combo (only Download a copy), accounting for small memory, a good anti-virus, good protection, and correct report manslaughter.Has a cloud killing the engine, anti-virus engine, Jinshan cloud killing the engine, AVIRA killing the engine, killing the little red umbrella and repair engines and other world-class anti-virus software embedded antivirus engine!Antivirus quality assurance.If you encounter a stubborn Trojan horse, you can use Home - Toolbox - stubborn Trojan nemesis, strong killing, the effect is quite good.

  2, Safe Mode, all files in the directory are rearranged by modification time, and modification time of the virus and a virus deleted files (the first record of the name).Safe Mode, type msconfig in operation, the hook "start" will be in addition to ctfmon all items removed.In safe mode, to just name one by one to find it again in the registry, the same path and key names are deleted

  3, if you encounter all security software does not open, you can try using safe mode.If you can not enter safe mode, then there is no good way, you can try hanging plate antivirus, you can also make a guided anti-virus tool, a lot of anti-virus software has guided anti-virus tool, or reinstall the system.

  I suggest you after detecting Trojan virus with anti-virus software, the first time Clear.When the scan is usually a Trojan, will help you check up all the Trojan, just click on the "Clear Now" on it.Some Trojans need to restart your computer in order to completely remove the hazard, do not be bothered oh.

  Many people in the operation and use of computers to also have encountered the experience of accidentally deleted data, and also delete some important data files, for example, when cleaning up files, accidentally hand accidentally deleted an important file stored in the computer the result in data loss phenomenon appears, at the moment, it will seriously affect the normal use of our.So for those accidentally deleted files, when the data file is missing, how should we restore it?How can I recover lost files it?Below "Hey format Data Recovery Master" is to introduce one of the tutorial file recovery on operating loss, mainly divided into the following points:

  When the computer data files are missing, it is recommended to download and install a timely professional data recovery software to read and write disk data loss and scan to "Desktop accidentally deleted files" for example, can recover files according to the following steps:

  1, download and install a professional data recovery software, select the main interface in the "Quick Scan Recovery" mode.Quick Scan recovery mode for fast disk data loss scan to scan in a short time than we accidentally deleted, emptied files.

  2. Select the "original data file stored position", where the stored file location can be selected directly disk accidentally deleted data, for example, if the desktop file is accidentally deleted, it can directly select the corresponding "Desktop" and click Under "start scan" recovery "mode automatically on the desktop for quick scanning data loss.

  3, the end of the wait for the scan, can also according to the file path, or a "file type" in two forms, sequentially selected from

  Optional files we need to recover, and click below the "Restore" option to recover lost files.

  Note that when you install data recovery software, data loss can not be installed in the disk, the file storage location also can not be stored directly recover lost data disks.

  These are the relevant methods of presentation "How to recover lost data" about the operation, I believe we have a certain understanding, in order to be able to find our lost files when data is lost, it can operate in accordance with the above tips in sequence repair file.While the current data recovery software is also relatively high, when choosing hope we will be able to combine their own needs to choose the right software.


  1, press the F8 boot into safe mode.


  2, after entering the safe mode with anti-virus software, anti-virus.

  3, finished killing the virus after the restart, before entering the system can delete files directly.

  The answer is willing to resolve your worries

  Trojan infection, even if you delete the back will automatically fix wireless copy files, cause your computer getting slower and slower

  1, if you are infected with a Trojan, you need to restart press F8 to enter safe mode by killing.

  2, we recommend that you immediately download now computer Tencent housekeeper "8.3, "the latest version, first performed a physical examination of the computer, open all the firewall system to avoid the rest of the infected file.

  3, open the page to start killing the virus, remember to turn on the red umbrella engine.

  4, if an ordinary killing not solve the problem, you can turn on the computer butler Tencent toolbox --- --- stubborn Trojan horse designed to kill - depth


  5, after killing all viruses have been processed immediately restart the computer, and then conduct a safety examination, remove redundant file system cache, to avoid secondary infections.

  If you are not satisfied, you can continue to ask or give valuable advice to my answer, thank you

  Good use:

  We recommend that you install Rising Antivirus software upgrade to the latest version V16 virus, reboot the computer press F8 to select Safe mode conduct a comprehensive virus scanning killing, after use Rising security assistant for computer repair, download address: http: // /

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