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[Deleted files Recycle Bin has been emptied of how to recover??]



  Do the following to try it:

  1. Download the file recovery;

  (I have a shared folder file recovery

  Download: http: // / cgi-bin / fileid.cgi?fileid = 770827

  2, after decompression software, double-click to select "full search" to the next step;

  3, select the hard drive you want to search (your important files in which disk to select which disk deleted)

  4, in the "file you want to recover what type" select all (if you know what documents are available on-demand), click on the "Start";

  5, search after search will save the file to a folder, and then look at their folder (to retrieve the file name may no longer be the original file name to delete some files to be patient and look for, you can certainly have that certain documents in it, as to be able to use specific look!) To.

  Introduce a software FinalData 2.0

  Attached readme file Description:



  Microsoft windows platform provides a recycle bin to protect those files you accidentally deleted.In windows platform delete files, those files will first move the Recycle Bin Road, if needed, you can restore the data from that inside.

  If you pass ([Shift] - [Delete]), etc., is not in the recycle bin, but deleted from the hard disk, or you just empty the recycle bin, windows no mechanism can restore these files back.

  Delete a file in the Windows environment, only the directory information is deleted from FAT or MFT (NTFS).This means that the data file remains on your disk.So, from a technical point of view, this file can be restored.

  FinalData is to recover lost data through this mechanism, after emptying the Recycle Bin is no exception.In addition, FinalData can easily restore files and folders from damaged formatted virus.Even in extreme cases, if the directory structure is partially damaged can be restored as long as the data is still stored on the hard disk.

  In order to ensure a high recovery rate on windows2000, XP, and must be installed to protect and delete files detected in the system, which can be installed FinalData2.0 to achieve.

  system requirement:


  Please check the minimum system requirements.system requirement:

  - Operating system: Windows 95/98 / Me, Windows NT Workstation, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Home / Professional

  - 16MB or more of RAM (recommended 64MB)

  - at least 10MB of disk space (20MB or more recommended)

  - two or more optical drive speed

  --256-color VGA display above

  Recoverable File System


  FAT12 / 16/32, NTFS

  Features Introduction



  1. Enhanced data protection and integrated into the pre-installed FinalData.

  - Remove protection: protection against deleting important files and directories.

  - Delete Detection: Automatically backup files will be deleted.

  2. Easy to use recovery tool

  - Preview: Recovery Check images, office documents or HTML file

  - File preview: destroy the contents of the file

  3. Restore a damaged CD-ROM

  - The CD-RW and CD-R to restore damaged

  - recovery CDFS, UDF

  4. Fully compatible with windows operating system

  - Fully compatible with Windows 9x / ME / NT / 2000 / XP

  - Supports FAT 12/16/32 and NTFS


  1. More adaptation of data loss

  - Since the data loss caused by emptying the Recycle Bin

  - As the [Shift] - data [Delete] or deleted files too large to be stored in the Recycle Bin loss.

  - Quick formatted disk data loss caused by

  - the master boot record MBR, partition table, or FAT table data loss caused by damage

  2. Data loss caused by a virus

  - Non-system-related reasons, due to conditions such as the CIH virus causes the disk can not be recognized

  - Due to file information such as worms and Love Bug (Love virus) caused loss.

  3. More friendly interface

  - Explorer-like interface

  --4-step simple file recovery operations

  - Recover deleted directory structure

  4. Recovery support multi-language documents

  - East double-byte text support recovery

  - Support for long file names.



  1. Do not FinalData installed on the damaged hard drive.If the hard disk data is corrupted, and you want to recover,

  The Final Data dangerous installed on this drive will take to overwrite deleted data files; thus reducing your chances of recovery.

  Therefore, we recommend that you install FinalData before all the unfortunate event.If you need to, you can run the executable file on the CD-ROM drive

  So you can not install it.However, this does not completely eliminate the risk of taking a small number of documents covering.

  2, if your hard drive is not bootable, you have to use a different hard drive as the primary boot disk, damage your disk from the disk as.

  Therefore, we strongly recommend that you prepare a Final Data with Windows and emergency disk as a boot drive.

  3, FinalData 2.0 can recover information from the hard disk physical damage.Physical damage is often due to things like that happen to your hard disk into the fire and water.

  4. FinalData 2.0 can not fully recover the original data from the data file and debris covered the.

  5. FinalData 2.0 is designed to recover the write data can not be restored to a damaged disc.This is for your safety and designed for maximum.So you must save and restore your data to another disk.You want to restore the disk partition must be at least two, if not, you can only restore data to a network drive or a removable disk, a CD-R can also be.

  6. If the file to restore the display is garbled, indicating that the file data has been overwritten data, or is itself a fragmented file.

  7. FinalData can only be installed on a predetermined equal number of machine licenses.Unless licenses allowed, FinalData can not be installed on other machines.

  FinalData is a registered trademark of the company''s FINAL DATA.

  NTFS, Windows, Windows95, Windows98 and WindowsNT are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.All other trademarks used herein are recognized as trademarks.

  Copyright (c) 1999-2002 FINAL DATA INC.all rights reserved

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