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Zeyang the deleted files (not into the Recycle Bin, just right-delete) to restore back?



  1, try to restore the system (software download site to send in a hi)

  The method of using the system comes reduction system:

  The system also comes with the system "Start" / "Programs" / "Accessories" / "System Tools" / "System Restore", click "Restore my computer to an earlier time", click Next, you will see to date the page with dark date that restore point, after your selection, click Next to restore (Win7 restore the system, the control panel and the machine and then backup and security sub-options atomic option).

  2, EasyRecovery Professional 6.10.07┊ powerful data recovery tool ┊ full-featured enterprise localization green version.

  Hard drive data recovery software, EasyRecovery Tutorial

  3, O & O MediaRecovery V4.1.1334 Chinese version | recover pictures / videos and music (if the recovery is a picture, video, etc. with this software)

  4, Hui Long photo recovery software V1.37 | recover lost photo files

  5, super hard drive data recovery v2.7.2 Chinese green version

  6, FinalData OEM V2.0 Simplified Chinese version (formatted or recovery of accidentally deleted files)

  7, EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard 2.0

  If the data is important, it is recommended to the electronic market to find a professional to help recover data recovery.

  Ah . I want to correct, delete and thrown into the recycle bin right is the same, so you can find out where to recycle bin

  your mailbox?I''ll give you a try recovery software, but quite a long time

  Right Recycle Bin and delete directly is a reason

  w7 system does not care to extend the functionality right inside the hidden system files to delete, and empty the Recycle Bin, how to find?

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