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You need to share files on a local area network. However, 360 security guards to prohibit the sharing.How to recover????



  Hello, you first try

  1, to enable households.

  Start - Control Panel ---- Computer Management - expand System Tools - Local Users and Groups - Users, on the right will see a GUEST user, double-click it, the account has been deactivated front of the hook to cancel.If you want to increase the speed of access to other people''s machines, you can also do some related operations: Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Services -Task Scheduler- Properties - start mode to manual, so it.

  2, user rights assignment.

  "Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Local Security Policy" in the "Local Security Policy" dialog box, select "Local Policies - User Rights Assignment" in the options on the right in order to "Access this computer from the network" and "Deny access to this computer from the network" of these two options are set.

  "Access this computer from the network" option needs to guest users and everyone added to it; all users "Deny access to this computer from the network" needs to be rejected deleted, by default guest is denied access.

  3, install the NetBEUI protocol.

  View "My Network Places" properties - see "local connection" Properties - Click "Install" - see the "agreement" - see where NetBEUI protocol exists in the system by default Winxp the protocol is already installed in.Some LAN games and software required to install the NetBEUI protocol.And online article said, in a small local area network, Microsoft in WinXP only supports the TCP / IP protocol and NWLink IPX / SPX / NetBIOS-compatible protocol performance is not satisfactory, in small local area networks (network has about 200 computers) in NetBEUI is occupies minimal memory, the fastest of the agreement.installation method:

  (1) insert the Windows XP CD-ROM, to the next "valueaddMsft et etbeui" directory will Netnbf.inf copy C: \ Windows \ INF in;

  (2) the Nbf.sys copied to the C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Drivers in;

  (3) Start → Control Panel → Network Neighborhood "→" Network Connection "→" local connection "(that is, the LAN connection you are currently in use) press the right → the" Properties "→" General "→" Installation "→" protocol after "→" Add ", then you can see" NetBEUI Protocol "this one, this is not the original, select NetBEUI, press OK.

  4, the establishment of working groups.

  With XP, for example, right-click "My Computer" --- "Properties" in the "Computer Name" tab, click "Change" button under the name of "Workgroup" field enter the working group, just lose, as long as both machines working group on the line.

  Or, right-click "My Computer" and select "Properties", then click the "Computer Name" tab to see this tab there does not appear your LAN workgroup name, such as "workgroup", etc..Then click the "Network ID" button to start the "Network Identification Wizard": Click "Next", select "This computer is part of a business network, use it to connect to other computers at work"; click "Next" select "my company uses a network without a domain"; click "Next" button and enter your LAN workgroup name, and here I suggest that you use "BROADVIEW", click "Next" button again, and finally click "Finish" button to complete the setting.

  5, set up shared folders.

  (1) My Computer → Tools → Folder Options → View → remove the "Use simple file sharing (Recommended)" before the hook.

  (2) you want to share files all in one folder, right-click this folder - sharing and security, in the "Sharing" tab, select "Share this folder on the network" check box, which when the "share name" text box and "allow other users to change my files" check boxes become available.Users can change the name of the shared folder in the "Share name" text box; if clear the "allow other users to change my files" check box, and then other users can only see the contents of the shared folder, but can not its modification.After setting, click "Apply" button and "OK" button.

  6, turn off the firewall.

  First, re-sharing

  360, generally with a key repair it, what is a matter of a total of how a key, are the easy way, do not understand computers used.

  After sharing, 360 to scan, do not fix a key, it prompts the project, put the mouse on the following process, see "ignore" . Click to Ignore.Some version is prompted to "trust", the same meaning.Can understand.

  LAN sharing inconvenient to use, is not safe, it is recommended to use professional document software, such as TeamDoc

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