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You know how computer hard drive is not bad



  Computer hard drive is broken how do?Shift plate, I believe we often use to, and it is a relatively common storage devices, but many people in the hard disk operations, often will not be accidentally formatted or accidentally deleted, which caused data loss occurs The phenomenon.So for these missing data files, but also to restore it?Hard drive data recovery method!

  In fact, for hard disk formatted files, generally it can all be restored, because the computer when you delete a file, generally will delete all files marked as "free" form, and did not really deleted, but the use of another form of storage for file.So for this situation formatted files, how should we restore it?How can I recover lost files it?The following small series to introduce the next, how to use data recovery software to recover lost files:

  Step one: Move through professional recovery software to recover data, loss of data in the hard disk into the computer, download and install "Hey format Data Recovery Master".

  Step two: Select the "location of the original data file is stored" Here you accidentally deleted data directly select the corresponding disk, and click below the "Start Scan" option to automatically resume scanning.

  Step three: Wait After the scan, you can also follow the file path, or file type in two forms, select the file we need to recover, and click below the "Restore" option to recover lost files.

  Above is on the hard disk formatted data file recovery methods and techniques related to introduction, I believe we have a certain understanding.To be able to recover our lost files when data loss can also follow the above steps in order to repair, but also need to prevent data files from being overwritten.

  1, the Department of screen prompts the relevant code.These three types of the code show that the hard physical damage, e.g., damage or head damage firmware fault

  2, BIOS does not recognize the hard disk.Many reasons can not be recognized by the hard disk, bad sectors are common faults, firmware is corrupted, the head / motor fault, the circuit board burned

  3, hard drive issue "Kaka Ka" abnormal sound.This is the head damage gives the most intuitive feelings, will faint sound normal hard work, but in order to be resolved in a very quiet environment, this is a normal phenomenon, users do not need to worry about.But the sounds of the hard disk head crashes, even in noisy environments can be heard.

  4, the hard issued a "beep beep" alarm Fengming.This situation since the magnetic head and the landing zone is not normally return moored on the disc, the motor locking issued alarm sound, this time, the hard disk is not rotating.

  .The most obvious feature is that the system does not start WINDOWS.This time if you try to reinstall the system is useless, then, we must consider whether the hard disk is broken (completely damaged or bad sectors).

  1, hard disk detection software to the hard disk tools, the Lord can hard disk transfer rate testing, health testing, temperature testing and disk surface scan Drive Health (test drive life), can detect your hard disk life of the software, with this thing actually you can find out how much time the hard drive is powered up, the business of second-hand goods to you can check out.This tool can be hard to predict error that may occur and to prevent the loss of important data.

  2, BIOS has had a system hardware information pages, which also has a disk detector device, such as a floppy drive or the like, can also be seen whether the hard disk is detected, if not detected, the hard disk is not look at the power line problems, or re-plug cable once, try again.

  3, can not open the case of machines, instant start listening to the sound, hard look at whether the rotation, if there is no noise problem is the hard drive needs to be replaced.

  4, if the hard disk damage access external hard drive can not find the problem.Also when the mobile hard disk, but can not detect the boot, the computer will boot interface card.

  5, you can download a mhdd, and then execute the downloaded program inside the system prompts you to insert a floppy disk, so that the program is written on a floppy disk, restart the machine to boot into the floppy drive will find him hard drive, select the number that corresponds to the disk, and then press F4, If you want to remap or repair will be the last one to open, press f4 began to detect and fix the bad sectors.

  First go to Baidu to download a Master Lu software to open the software installed, click to view the SMART information you can see the hard drive is a good or bad.If there is a red ill will replace the hard drive, so as not to lose the data

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