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You can restore the registry to delete?How to recover



  In addition to the registration can restore

  1, open win10 system 360 and then directly open the guard as shown in FIG..


  2, 360 security guards in the first interface in the navigation bar click on the [computer] to clean up, as shown below.


  3, 360 computer interface in the clean-up click on the lower left corner of the recovery area [], as shown below.


  4, into the recovery area 360 interface, click on the navigation bar registry recovery of [], as shown in FIG..


  5, click on the interface in the registry recovery registry to be recovered later reduction [], as shown in FIG..


  6, click reduction, the system will prompt restore the registry, click on [Yes], as shown in FIG..


  7, after the win10 registry restore recovery is successful, the system will prompt, as shown below.


  This is a copy, I hope you help

  Use safe Restore registry

  If you use the "last known good configuration" Invalid entry, select "Safe Mode" in the Start menu so that Windows XP can automatically repair registry errors, so that the normal start guide continue.Boot into the system after performing Method 1 or Method 2.

  E.Use the Recovery Console after the Windows XP registry repair damage

  If you have no access to even the safe mode, then we have to use the Windows XP Recovery Console to repair the system.

  Insert the Windows XP CD into the CD-ROM and CD-ROM drive as the first boot device in the BIOS.Start the computer into the "Welcome to Setup" screen, press the "R" key to enter the Windows XP''s "Recovery Console" page, the system will be Windows XP system in the computer are listed, select the system needs repair, and type management password members.In order to fix the registry settings and status before the damage as much as possible, operates according to the following 4 steps.

  Enter the Recovery Console, create a temporary folder, back up your current registry files to a temporary folder for a rainy day, and then delete the current registry files, then the "% SystemRoot% \ Repair" directory under the file copy to "%% SystemRoot \ system \ Config" directory, and finally restart the system can enter the Windows XP system.However, this operation is restored after you install Windows XP registry, therefore, any changes made after the installation and settings will be lost.Specific operation is as follows (here assuming that Windows XP is installed in E: \ Windows, the specific operation should change this folder under the circumstances) :( 1) enter the Recovery Console

  (2) Type the following command line, type 1 each will press the Enter key once:

  md tmp

  copy e: \ windows \ system32 \ config \ sam e: \ windows \ tmp \ sam.bak

  delete e: \ windows \ system32 \ config \ sam

  copy e: \ windows \ repair \ sam e: \ windows \ system32 \ config \ sam

  Next, the three lines after the "sam" character are replaced with "software", "system", "security" and "default", each type (i.e., the four-line commands, line commands in addition also another 12).It should be noted that, a friend familiar with DOS commands can delete statement to remove, select "Yes" when performing copy; moreover copy command here does not support the wildcard "*" and "?"You can only copy a file.If you have another computer available, in order to save time can also be used Notepad to create a text file and copy into the All command, for example, it is named r1.txt, copy it to the Windows directory, and run the Recovery Console in Windows directory "batch r1.txt "command.

  (3) Type "exit" to exit the Recovery Console, the computer will automatically restart directly into the Windows XP system in normal mode.

  This step is required and should therefore be changed from the first file in the System Volume Information folder copy the registry to restore the system settings, but this folder in the Recovery Console can not be used, not visible in the Windows XP system under normal circumstances, several settings makes the folder visible.

  (1) to restart the system, from "safe mode" as an administrator group membership (Adiministrators) into the Windows XP system.

  (2) into the Explorer window, click on the "Tools" → "Folder Options" and then click on the "View" tab, click under the "Hidden files and folders" "Advanced Settings" box "Show hidden files and folders "item, and then clear the" Hide protected operating system files "before the" √ ", finally click" OK ".

  (3) into the Windows XP system where the driver proceeds System Volume Information \ _restore {E3586CBC-4366-49A4-8B15-8C7E491AB54F} \ RPn \ snapshot directory (RPn of "n" is a number, if a plurality of selecting the maximum that), the directory _REGISTRY_USER_.DEFAULT, _REGISTRY_MACHINE_SECURITY, _REGISTRY_MACHINE_SOFTWARE, _REGISTRY_MACHINE_SYSTEM, _REGISTRY_MACHINE_SAM total of five copies of files to Windows \ tmp folder, respectively rename default, security, software, system, sam.

  In this step you have to enter the recovery console, will delete the current registry file, and then just copied to the Windows \ tmp in five files, copied to the Windows \ system32 \ config folder replace the current registry files.Please enter specific operation recovery console, and then enter the following command at the command line:

  del e: \ windows \ system32 \ config \ sam

  copy e: \ windows \ tmp \ sam e: \ windows \ system32 \ config \ sam

  Similarly the "sam" character are replaced with "software", "system", "security" and "default", type, respectively (a total of 10 command lines).

  The same principle can also carry out such operations with batch command Also, if Windows XP is not installed in the E drive, change the actual situation.

  Restore function with a registry of 360

  Repair system

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