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You can not recover data after formatting flash drive



  Since it is the grid, then stored in the file format never stop, because the items into the opportunities before covering the greater the file, resulting in data recovery more difficult.So be sure to stop after repartition the hard disk to write to a file, usually a hard disk partition is not re-write data, so before complete recovery is possible, after the partition to remember the less the better it is written resume

  If you do not recover, I need help can Q


  U disk formatted First, do not write the new number to the U disk and the Internet to download a mutual data recovery software to recover, the specific steps are as follows:

  1, download a data recovery software, U disk plugged into the computer, make sure U disk is connected;

  2, start the "mutual Shield Data Recovery Software" click U disk phone camera card recovery to the next step;

  3, the software will automatically recognize your mobile device, select the partition missing file, click Next;

  4, waiting for software to scan, the process does not make any operation on the software storage device, the file will not be damaged;

  5. After the scan is complete will be displayed in the software file, commonly used file formats can preview, check the software you want to restore, click "Next";

  6, select the storage location of the file, restore the file can be found here.You can also find similar recovery method in which experience: http: // / article / 6525d4b12dd725ac7c2e9449.html

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